DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Predictions Based on Generation 8

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet push the limits of what a Pokemon game can be, despite its technical flaws, and represents a brave new direction for the Pokemon franchise. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet provide a lot, and fans are clamoring for more, including many new Pokemon designs, a vast open environment, and a departure from linear development.

For the past 27 years, the mainstream Pokemon series has followed the same pattern: two iterations of the same game are released, occasionally followed by a “full” iteration a year later or two sequels. DLC, a new brand development, was introduced in the Generation 8 games Pokemon Sword and Shield. Fans now wish for separate DLC packs for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
                                                                   DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

What Pokemon Sword and Shield’s DLC May Mean for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The DLC Expansion Pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield was initially introduced on January 9, 2020, just a few months after the game’s initial release. The DLC packs for Pokemon Sword and Shield were released in two waves: The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra.

Each of these DLC packs expanded the game’s existing map of the Galar region by adding a brand-new location. Each DLC had its tale, a distinct cast of characters, and a collection of more Pokemon, some of which were new legendaries.

If Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC are in The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, fans may anticipate an adventure like that in The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. Some portions of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s map are still grayed out long after the credits have rolled.

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Others, like Area Zero’s elevator, remain inaccessible, as observant fans may have noticed. Some fans have been persuaded to believe these places, along with some additional story objectives and new Pokemon, will be unlocked in the upcoming DLC. The third legendary Pokemon from the game, which is only very briefly mentioned in an in-game book, is likewise anticipated by fans.

It wouldn’t be out of the question to anticipate a DLC announcement for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet shortly, given that the Gen 8 games arrived in a similar window, following the DLC announcement for Pokemon Sword and Shield in January.

On February 27, Pokemon Day commemorates the day of the video game franchise’s initial release in 1996; many fans anticipate hearing about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC. This would be logical, especially since Pokemon was not present in the most recent Nintendo Direct.

DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
                                                                  DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Determining the precise release date for the suspected DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a significant component of the present conjecture. The first DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield was made available on June 17, 2020, just five months after its introduction, and the second DLC was made available on October 23, 2020, nine months later.

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Fans might receive DLC as early as July if the same timeline were applied to the hypothetical DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which was first mentioned at the end of February. Fans should take rumors with a rather hefty grain of salt because nothing official has been confirmed thus far, not even the idea that DLC will ever be coming to the game.

Nevertheless, the brand enjoyed exceptional popularity with the introduction of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, so it only makes sense to continue producing content for it. For the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are currently available.

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