Developers of Hollow Knight Silksong Filed Mysterious Trademarks for “Fearless Fox”

Team Cherry, who developed Hollow Knight, has trademarked the name “Fearless Fox” in Australia, suggesting that it would be used as the name of another, as-yet-unannounced game.  In 2019, Team Cherry registered the Fearless Fox trademark as a Class 9 trademark, signifying that it relates to video game software.

Fearless Fox has yet to be officially acknowledged by Team Cherry, but the company’s trademark application from January 31 covers a variety of toys, games, and other products including the word.

Last Monday (January 27), Team Cherry also asked to broaden the protection of its Fearless Fox trademark to include Class 42, which includes a wide range of goods and services associated with video games. Every trademark suggests that Fearless Fox will be a video game, but what kind of game remains a mystery.

Developers of Hollow Knight Silksong Filed Mysterious Trademarks
Developers of Hollow Knight Silksong Filed Mysterious Trademarks

Team Cherry has not yet announced a release date for its next game, Hollow Knight Silksong, but these revised trademarks hint at a future project. After being announced in 2019, the sequel to 2017’s smash hit metroidvania Hollow Knight, Silksong, stayed under wraps until 2022’s Xbox and Bethesda conference, where it was revealed as a day-one release for Xbox Game Pass.

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Silksong was touted as one of the games coming to Game Pass the following year, which would place its release date in 2023. Team Cherry announced in September that in addition to the Xbox One and PS4, the game would also be available for the PS4 and PS5.

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