Destiny 2 Lightfall Raid’s First Completion Causes Mysterious Darkness Splinters

The first people in the world to finish the Root of Nightmares raid in Destiny 2 have caused Darkness Splinters to appear all over Neomuna. In Destiny 2, it has been a long-standing tradition for world-first raids to cause sudden changes in the world.

These changes can be big or small, adding new and exciting content or moving the story of Destiny 2 forward. Destiny 2 players are sad that the completion of Root of Nightmares hasn’t led to any big changes yet, but there have been some interesting additions.

The first raid for Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion, Root of Nightmares, came out on March 10. Many Destiny 2 players thought that the raid would take a long time to finish because Bungie made the game harder in Lightfall.

However, this was not the case. Root of Nightmares was finished by a group of less-famous players in about two and a half hours, which is faster than previous Destiny 2 raids. Within two hours, Bungie said that the job was done.

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After Bungie said that Root of Nightmares was done for the first time, Splinters of Darkness started showing up in the new Lightfall zone of Neomuna. The Splinters of Darkness are orange haze-covered crystals that float in the air.

Players can use them, and then they will go away. Many Destiny 2 players don’t know what these Darkness Splinters are because there are no hints, quests, or story bits that explain what they are.

The only thing that is clear is that Darkness Splinters are connected to one of Lightfall’s secret Triumphs. One Destiny 2 player on Reddit said that they got 80 points toward their Triumph score when they got “all of them.”

When you collect Darkness Splinters, you get Strand Meditation currency and a reputation with Neomuna, but that seems to be it. Lightfall players should know that they have to restart Destiny 2 in order to get these Darkness Splinters.

If players don’t have Lightfall, when they get close to them, a message that says “Requires Destiny 2: Lightfall” will show up on the screen, whether the player has Lightfall or not. This bug shouldn’t happen to people who just started playing Destiny 2 now.

Overall, the Darkness Splinters may not be a great addition to Destiny 2, but at least they are something. It shows that getting rid of Root of Nightmares has moved the story of Lightfall forward.

Darkness is growing, and it will take more research to find out what that means. There are also rumors that Neomuna News has some new stories that are worth hearing. Bungie has made it clear that Destiny 2 Year 6 still has a lot of stories to tell. Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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