Destiny 2 Working to Make It Harder to Farm Artifice Armor

Bungie has made it almost impossible to keep abusing Destiny 2’s weekly dungeon rotation. This takes away the Artifice armor bonanza that players could use to easily farm high-end gear.

Since it can be hard for players to get properly rolled armor pieces while playing regular content, mechanics that make the process easier and more streamlined are in high demand, which can sometimes force the developer’s hand.

Efficiency is a big part of farming endgame content in Destiny 2, so whenever there’s a better way to get ready for the hardest parts of the game, players will jump at the chance to use it. The most recent example of this, though, seems to have been too much for Bungie’s taste.

Because it was the featured piece of weekly content, Destiny 2 players could farm the Duality dungeon all week long for easy and quick Artifice armor drops. It didn’t take long for the community to figure out that it was possible to bug out the first boss, Gahlran, and then quickly reset everything to try again.

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Bungie didn’t seem to like how fast and easy it was to farm Artifice, though, so the developer has now turned off the activity rejoin checkpoint to slow things down.

Even though it has bugs, the Duality dungeon in Destiny 2 has always been a popular place to farm armor. It’s a fairly easy and simple dungeon that doesn’t take long for a good fire team to finish.

Even though Bungie took away the dungeon checkpoint that everyone was after, it doesn’t take too long for solo players to farm Artifice armor pieces, which shows how valuable the dungeon is.

Even though Artifice armor has always been useful, the tweaks that came with Destiny 2: Lightfall’s build crafting changes made it even more useful than before.

Players can now use the extra Artifice slot on these pieces of armor to improve certain stats even more than they could before. This can greatly improve a character’s ability to stay alive and the amount of time their abilities are active.

Right now, even a small increase in stats is important because the difficulty increase has made some things much harder to do without the Artifice armor’s detailed build optimization.

Things have gotten so bad that the Destiny 2 community wants a buff for all primary weapons since it’s almost impossible to run regular weapons on the hardest difficulties anymore. Destiny 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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