Delta Corp Tax Notices: Bombay High Court restraints ₹16,195 crore tax notice

Breaking News: The Bombay High Court bench forbids the final orders by the tax authorities without permission. Yes, this is true. This is the biggest news of current time. A gaming company and tax authorities have filed a petition to the High Court to not pass the final orders on the show which causes the notice which priors the permission of the high court. The Delta Corp informed the exchanges. the dates for the completion of pleadings, the hearing, and the final disposal of such writ petitions have been fixed by the Bench. Read this article till the end to learn everything regarding it.

Delta Corp Tax

Delta Corp Tax Notices

According to the source, the Bombay High Court Goa Bench has now directed tax authorities not to pass the final orders without permission to showcase the cause which notices were sent to Delta Corp and its subsidiaries. The company was officially informed of the exchanges on 24th October 2023, Tuesday. Now the Bombay High Court is officially considering writ petitions which is filed by the directed tax authorities and gaming company to not pass the final orders on the show cause notices without the prior permission of the high court. Continue reading this article to learn more.

As per the reports, now Bench has officially fixed the dates for the completion of the hearing, final disposal, and pleading of such writ petitions. Delta Corporation has closed the demands for payments received for a shortfall of tax from the Directorate General of GST Intelligence, Hyderabad on 22nd September 2023. There are some demands which have been sent in a notice to Delta Corporation and its subsidiaries and it follows as the Delta Copr has closed to Rs. 11,140 crores, subsidiary Highstreet Cruises and Entertainment at around Rs. 3,290 crore, and subsidiary Delta Pleasure Cruise Company at around Rs. 1,766 crore.

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In the last month, Delta Corp received a notice for a shortfall tax of Rs. 11,140 crore and on the other hand, its subsidiaries have been issued notices for an amount which totals Rs. 5,682 crore. The shortfall in the payment of tax has now pertained to the time between July 2017 and March 2022. The Delta Corporation has now officially received a new notice of an alleged shortfall in the payment of Goods and Services (GST) to Rs. 6,384 crore according to the regulatory filing which is made by the casino chain operator on 14 October 2023. Also, the company has reported a 1.68% rise in the Q2FY24 net profit from Rs. 68.25 crore to Rs. 69.4 crore.


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