Delhi To Face Acute Water Supply Cuts On October 26-27 Due To Interconnection Work

Breaking News for all the residents of Delhi. It has been recently announced that there is going to be a cut in water supply on 26th October 2023, Thursday and 27th October 2023, Friday. This is going to happen because of the interconnection work. The installation of a flowmeter in Delhi is currently ongoing because of that it has been announced that the water supply isn’t going to be cut in some areas of Delhi. The water supply is not going to stop in entire Delhi but it is going to happen in some areas of Delhi. To know all those areas read this article to know about all the affected areas where water is going to be cut today and tomorrow.

Water Supply

It has been officially announced on the internet that Delhi is going to cut the water supply on the 26th and 27th of October 2023. The water supply is going to be in some areas of Delhi because of the interconnection work of 1100 mm dia West Delhi Main at Shakarpur. According to the reports, due to the installation of a 600 mm dia flowmeter on a 700 mm Cl outlet line at Burari. The water supply was disrupted on 25th October 20023, Wednesday. The disturbance in water in some regions of Delhi occurred for approximately 12 hours yesterday but later at night, it recovered.

The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has officially issued three helplines for people to make any complaint if they suffer from a water cut issue to water pressure issues. The main helpline number of DJB is 1916. But the people who live in Punjabi Bagh can dial 011-25223658, The people who live in Shivaji Enclave can call 011-25193140. And the people who live in Paschim Vihar and some adjoining areas can call 011-2581197. Deli Jal Board announced the news of the water cut in Delhi on the official page of Delhi Jal Board on Twitter (X).

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The areas that are affected by the water supply cut in Delhi include Raja Garden, Rani Bagh, Ramesh Bagar, Moti Nagar, Sharda Puri, Tihar Village, Tilak Nagar, Varun Niketan, Rajouri Garden, Karam Pura, Saraswati College, Hari Nagar, Khyala, Varun Niketan, and adjoining areas. The adjoining areas are Subhash Nagar, Part of Uttam Nagar, Masaorvar Garden, Vishnu Garden, J.J. Colony Khyala, Ravi Nagar, Chand Nagar, Part of Mohan Garden, Krishna Puri, and Ganesh Nagar.  This was officially announced by the Delhi Jal Board on 24th October 2023, Tuesday. Residents of these areas should store some water because these 2 days are going to be very difficult because of the water supply cut.

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