WATCH: Man Caught Masturbating, Ejaculating On Minor Girl, Delhi Metro Incident

Delhi Metro: Ever since the misbehaving incidents have started taking place everything has overturned in a certain manner because seldom a week goes by when the faces of social media users do not collide with something intense as many people are doing such activities which are strictly prohibited in a public place. Recently a man was found guilty in Delhi Metro while masturbating in front of many, as he was continuously doing it while many expressed their anger. But he did not get stopped and told them to stay away otherwise he would ejaculate on them. Below check the further updates.

Man Caught Masturbating Delhi Metro Incident

Delhi Metro Incident

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the suspect was having spoiled intentions as he did not even think that many minors were also available there and receiving the wrong impact, The adults showed anger while asking Delhi Metro management to take action before it was too late. Because it is too bad to become a witness to something like this. Therefore, the suspect and the entire Delhi Metro management are being condemned by thousands of people. As soon as they came to know about the incident, they should have taken action against the suspect without any further ado.

Man Caught Masturbating In Delhi Metro

Reportedly, the entire incident had been captured by the cameras and later, the authorities ordered to stop the person right now as they were heading to be taken into custody. Because it was a Rakshabandhan festival and he ejaculated on a minor which was terrible after being caught the concerned authorities filed an FIR against him and now the suspect will be punished hard but it is not enough, as the anger of thousands is not taking the name of stopping because it was not the first to become the witness of something like this, before the recent on many similar had happened already.

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Overall, the daily passengers of Delhi Metro are requesting the management to make the rules to stop all this nonsense because such incidents make the females and others feel uncomfortable traveling and the decency of Delhi Metro has been lost or better called vanished by such acts so thus before it’s too late the DMRC should do something otherwise they will be responsible for their downfall as no one would like to travel in such a won’t atmosphere. In short, the sophisticated travelers are upset with the incident. So stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Techballad.

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