Decathlon Launched Upgraded B’Twin LD 920 E-Bike

As the catalog of electric bikes continues to expand, French sports retailer and manufacturer, Decathlon, has made notable strides in the e-biking industry, particularly with its diverse branding approach. Yes, you heard right. With brands such as Rockrider for mountain enthusiasts, Triban for urban and long-distance road riders, and B’Twin for versatile cyclists, Decathlon has cemented its position as a leader in the industry. However, their recent focus on electric bikes has brought about exciting updates, particularly with the introduction of the updated B’Twin LD 920 E e-bike.

Decathlon Launched Upgraded B'Twin LD 920 E-Bike

One of the standout features of the LD 920 E is its touchscreen display, providing riders with detailed information while on the move. This allows cyclists to stay informed about their rides, making adjustments as needed. But the enhancements to this e-bike go beyond just aesthetics. Decathlon collaborated with a Belgian company, E2 Drives, to develop an innovative automatic gear system. This revolutionary system, powered by two motors, enhances the experience for riders by seamlessly assisting with pedaling and gear changes. Additionally, the bike is equipped with sensors that monitor its performance a staggering 20,000 times per second, resulting in a smooth and effortless ride.

Another notable feature of this e-bike is the hidden battery, cleverly integrated into the bike frame. With a fully charged battery, riders can expect a range of up to 150 kilometers or approximately 94 miles. This impressive battery life ensures that riders can embark on long journeys without worrying about running out of power. Furthermore, the LD 920 E boasts several handy extras. It includes a built-in GPS tracker, enabling owners to locate their bikes in the unfortunate event of theft.

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Additionally, a user-friendly touchscreen display provides riders with useful information while on the go. The bike also offers various riding modes, such as Eco or Boost, allowing users to personalize the experience. Moreover, safety features, including a powerful front light and a convenient rear rack for carrying bags, further enhance the usability and versatility of the LD 920 E.

Fans are very excited to ride this bicycle. For those interested in this exceptional e-bike, it is available for purchase on Decathlon’s website, priced at 2,999 Euros or approximately $3,300 USD. With its impressive range, cutting-edge features, and sleek design, the B’Twin LD 920 E represents an excellent choice for city commuters seeking a reliable and feature-rich e-bike experience. Keep in touch for more latest updates.

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