Death Stranding 2 Would Have Required Rewriting if Elle Fanning Had Declined the Role

If Elle Fanning had said no to being in Death Stranding 2, significant portions of the script would have had to be rewritten. If Fanning hadn’t agreed to play the part, Hideo Kojima said, he would have had to rework the character to fit someone else.

Death Stranding 2 Would Have Required Rewriting
Death Stranding 2 Would Have Required Rewriting

Who is the Death Stranding 2 Character Played by Elle Fanning?

Kojima was cagey when asked about Fanning’s involvement in the game, saying only, “she’s a very, very important character” on his Brain Structure podcast. The writer rewrote the script after meeting Elle because he was inspired to do so by her unique qualities:

“I changed a lot, I even added in new scenes. So we changed stuff during performance captures, but I wanted actors like Elle to be a part of the creative process.”

Kojima “would have had to throw out the scenes that I had written, since she plays a major role,”  if the actress had declined the job. The good news is that no rewriting will be required because Fanning has decided to join Norman Reedus as Samuel “Sam” Porter Bridges, Léa Seydoux as Fragile, and Troy Baker as Higgs Monaghan in Death Stranding 2. In addition, Shioli Kutsuna will be portraying a brand-new individual. However, Heartman will not be making a comeback.

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