Date to exchange ₹2,000 notes extended: Here’s what happens if you miss the October 7 deadline

Here is an important update for all the people of India, The Reserve Bank of India has extended the last date of returning Rs2000 notes. Yes, you heard it right, you have still one more chance to exchange your Rs2000 denomination notes. If you missed or forgot to deposit your Rs2000 notes in banks by September 30, 2023, which was the deadline initially set by RBI, you don’t have to worry because RBI extended its last date to return the Rs2000 notes. What is the new last date to exchange Rs2000 notes? If you are scrambling to the web regarding the same, keenly follow the following sections. Scroll down the page.


RBI Extends Deadline To Deposit Rs2000 Notes

According to RBI, the extended date for depositing or returning the Rs2000 notes to the bank is October 7, 2023. This announcement was made by the Reserve Bank of India on September 30, 2023, which was the original deadline announced by RBI on May 19, 2023. However, the earlier deadline has been extended by one week. The new deadline for exchanging, returning, or depositing Rs2000 notes is October 7, 2023. According to RBI’s guidelines, the exchange or deposit of Rs2,000 notes at banks will be stopped from 8 October 2023. However, Rs2,000 notes will continue to be legal tender even after October 7. Here one question must be prevailing in your mind what will happen if you can not deposit Rs2000 notes by October 7? If yes, take a look below.

What to do with Rs2000 Notes after October 7?

There are some rumors on social media that Rs2000 notes will no longer remain legal tender after the deadline for depositing or exchanging Rs2000 notes at banks. But we want to make you aware that Rs2000 notes will still remain legal tenders but the notes can not be used in transaction deals. What you can do with Rs2000 notes after October 7 has been explained in the next section. Scroll down.

The depositing or exchanging of Rs2000 notes at banks will be stopped after October 7, 2023. If anyone misses the extended last date to deposit or exchange Rs2000 notes by the deadline, then he will have to contact the RBI Office. Individuals or entities will have to reach the 19 RBI Issue Offices to exchange Rs 2,000 notes with a limit of Rs 20,000 at a time with valid identity documents and due diligence, mandatory for exchange deemed fit by RBI. The Rs2000 notes will continue to be legal tender, RBI mentioned in its statement.

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