Daily Coal Supply Gap To Thermal Plants Persists Amid Elevated Demand

Now it has been announced that the Coal supplies to domestic coal-based power have now enlarged in the first week of October 2023. It has been elevated power is demanded and the consumption of petrol. The Data from the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) clearly showed that on 4th October 2023, Wednesday the consumption of the entire thermal power stood at approximately 23.17 lakh tonne and on the other hand the coal received almost 18.02 lakh tonne. Coal has been received at the day with the supply gap at 5.15 lakh tonne. This gap was full because of the reserve stocks which are alongside the coal. To know everything read this article till the end.


It has been said that a total of 93,000 imported coal was used and the other coach which of approx 4.21 lakh tonne has been used from the reserve stocks. The reports have showcased that the consumption was around 21.63 lakh tonne on 1st October 2023, Sunday and the gap was around 2.25 lakh tonne which had a supply of 19.38 million tonne. If we look at the graph the daily average supply gap in the first week of October was around 3.34 lakh tonnes and the daily average gap in September 2023 was around 2.87 lakh tonnes. Keep reading.

At this time the coal stock at the thermal power plants was adequate for more than 8 days or 10 days till the end of September 2023. And the stock was adequate for a total of 13 days in March 2023. The demand for power was too high in August 2023 and September 2023 which has given dry spells and also the sporadic monsoons. The graph of September 2023 shows that the demand for power rose to 10.7% on the basis of every single year. In FY24 the demand od power is expected to rise 5.5% with an upside bias. In August 2023, the demand for power was at its peak and hit some new highs before it touched a fresh record high of around 239.9 GM on 1st September 2023.

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It stood up at 203.44 GW in October 2023 with the peak range has been shortage of 2.95 GW. In September 2023, the Union Ministry of Power directed imported coach-based power plants that can operate at full capacity. It is going to happen till the end of October 2023. According to the source, the original directive on this was issued in February when the ICB plants were asked the run at full power capacity till 15 June 2023 and it has been reported that it was extended till September.

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