New Boss Trailer Confirms April Release for Curse of the Sea Rats

According to a new clip, fans of pirate games and Metroidvania-style titles won’t have to wait much longer before Curse of the Sea Rats sails sail on a number of systems. The trailer showcased some of the bosses’ fights in Petoons Studio’s upcoming action-platformer, released by publisher PQube. Both studios are crossing their fingers that the unique visual style and local 4-player co-op of Curse of the Sea Rats will pique gamers’ interest when it launches later this year.

Petoons Studio has only made two games so far, with Curse of the Sea Rats being the second after the 2019 release of Petoons Party. The developer of Curse of the Sea Rats is hoping that their new “ratoidvania” game will stand out in the increasingly competitive independent video game market, despite the fact that it is a very different genre from the original. Among PQube’s many independent games is the popular Super Bullet Break and the whimsical Potion Permit.

You can watch the full trailer of “Curse of the sea” below-

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You can also check out the trailers for the other titles we mentioned down below:

The eagerly awaited Curse of the Sea Rats will finally be available to the public on April 6. The new trailer, rendered in stunning hand-drawn animation, showcases several boss battles against enemies including The Necromancer, monstrous rats, and various sea creatures (including a crab that rides another crab and a rat that mounts a gigantic and menacing Toucan parrot dubbed Banana).

The majority of enemies also appear to make use of a wide variety of surrounding factors to aid them in their struggle, such as cannonballs from a ship firing at players from both sides and octopus tentacles that conceal partly behind vegetation bordering the screen.

New Boss Trailer Confirms April Release for Curse of the Sea Rats
New Boss Trailer Confirms April Release for Curse of the Sea Rats

Four humans are transformed into rats in the 18th century along the Irish coast after being cursed by the infamous pirate witch Flora Burn. Playable characters David Douglas (an American settler), Buffalo Calf (a Cheyenne hunter), Bussa (the leader of a slave rebellion), and Akane Yamakawa (a warrior on a covert mission) must save the Admiral’s kid and capture the witch in order to break the curse.

You may play it solo or with up to three buddies in local co-op, and it has a big, non-linear map with hundreds of rooms, unlockable skill trees, a combination of 2D models and 3D surroundings, and more.

Recent years have witnessed a rise in the popularity of local co-op gameplay, both with and without a split-screen mode. The ability to play with others, whether friends or foes, is making a comeback, and games like KeyWe, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge are just a few examples.

Many games in the previous decade have focused on online play, eliminating the chance to meet an opponent in the eye and demand an explanation for their actions if they resulted in the death of your character. Games like Curse of the Sea Rats are encouraging a return to the social benefits of gaming in front of the same TV, which I hope will continue.

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