Crude paradox: Increased supply and weak Chinese demand may relieve India of enlarged oil bills

Breaking News: The global price slips even as the war has raged in West Asia. As the war between Israel and Hamas is going to its peak level, the price of crude oil is now expected to surge around some concerns about the supply of disruptions in the case hostilities widen. On 8th October 2023, Wednesday, the prices fell over 4% to a 3-month low with the Brent crude settling at $81 a barrel. This news has been recently given y the sources. This is one of the biggest shocking news of this time. Now to learn everything, check out the entire article to learn every single thing and do not miss anything.

Crude paradox

According to the source, the voluntary output cuts have now been reaffirmed by Saudi Arabia and Russia on top of the ones enforced in the starting by the Opec+carterl. At this time, Crude oil is down by 17% from the $98 high hit in September 2023. It has been claimed that the softness in price is a sign of weakness in the economy of China which outweighs the hardening effect of the risks of war. Currently, China is the biggest consumer of fossil fuels and there are reduction in the insatiable need to push its demand. Continue reading in the next paragraph of this article to learn more.

It has been claimed by the official that there is also a great supply right now. The American shale oil rigs some time ago which was upped by their output. If Iran continues to circumvent the United States sanctions it can export around 1.5 million barrels every single day. So till the war in West Asia destroys further countries, China’s slumps can revive in India or it can be more over burdensome oil bill. To know more about this topic, scroll down to the next paragraph of this article.

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According to the reports, the increase in supply and the weakness in Chinese demand might give a big relief to India of enlarging oil bills. In some recent weeks, the prices of oil have fluctuated because of that there are a lot of worries about the eventual spike. The sources have claimed that because of the oil price fluctuation, there will be some force on the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to react with the actions on the rate. More details regarding this topic have not been shared till now. So further details regarding this topic are going to be shared with you after sources provide the new information to us. So stay tuned to techballad.

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