Cos Have To Reveal All Cases, Says IBBI

Recently IBBI said, This time the Cos (the trigonometric ratio) has to reveal all the cases. It has been said that there is a video to cut the time which is now needed to process voluntarily which exits with the greater disclosures at the time of making the application. This new proposal is part of the new set of regulations on which the IBBI has sought out public feedback by 26 October 2023. Now the business is seeking the wind up its operations voluntarily under the bankruptcy code which is going to reveal the pending litigation and the regulatory assessments and it also ensures the financial obligations from proceedings are sufficiently provided. All this has been stated by the proposal by the bankruptcy regulator. Now read the entire article to know every single thing about this topic.


As per the officials, there is a big idea to now cut the time that is needed to process voluntary exits with the big disclosures at the time when the application where in making. Till 26 October 2023, the proposal is part of a new set of regulations on which the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India is going to seek out public feedback. Scroll down for more.

As per the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India has claimed that half of the ongoing cases of liquidation have been continuing for more than a year now. On the other side, the regulator has said that the pending appeals looking at demands or penalties and refunds from the statutory departments and some other instances of the litigation have been found which has caused some delays. The entity directors have now initiated the liquidation which should be disclosed at this time. It is the pending proceedings or assessments just before the statutory authorities or some pending litigation. Keep reading.

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Regulators have said that it has to be ensured that sufficient provision now has been clearly made who has met the obligations arising if there is an account of those matters that are pending. The proposed amendments are going to provide the requisite clarification to the stakeholders regarding the initiation of the process of voluntary liquidation. Regulators have also said that the disclosure should now ensure both the liquidator and the corporate person are totally aware of the pending issues and that the corporate person has made some provision for the same thing. All these have been taken out from the draft of the IBBI regulations 2023 for taking public feedback.

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