Congress To Give Rs 15000 To All Women In Chhattisgarh State If Wins: CM Bhupesh Baghel

The chief minister of Chhattisgarh, Bhupesh Baghel, on Sunday, November 12, 2023, said if his party retains power in the state, then he will give Rs 15000 per year to all the women in the state. Yes, you heard it right, 15000/year to all the ladies in the state if Congress wins the assembly election. This big statement came from the Chhattisgarh CM amid the campaigns for assembly elections. Meanwhile, the ruling party in the state and the incumbent CM came to the fore with an annual financial assistance of Rs 15k to lure the voters ahead of the elections. If you are scrambling to the web regarding the same, the following sections are waiting for you. Swipe down the page and read what CM Bhupesh Baghel said on Sunday.

Bhupesh Baghel

The announcement of luring financial assistance to all the women in the state came ahead of the second phase of the assembly elections in the state scheduled on Friday. However, Bhupesh Baghel’s offering of Rs 15K per year to all the women in the state is an apparent counter to the opposition party’s manifesto in which BJP promised to give financial assistance of Rs 12,000 per year to all the married women in the state. While campaigning for himself in Raipur, CM Bhupesh Baghel said, “Today, on the auspicious occasion of Deepavali, with the blessings of Maa Lakshmi ji and Chhattisgarh Mahtari, an important decision has been taken for women empowerment,” Shift to the next section and read more details.

The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh kept on saying that if the Congress party manages to reform the government in the state, all women will be given annual assistance of Rs 15k directly into their bank accounts under the Chhattisgarh Gruha Lakshmi Yojana. “After the Congress government is formed again in Chhattisgarh, women in the state will be provided annual assistance of Rs 15,000 into their bank accounts under the Chhattisgarh Gruha Lakshmi Yojana,” Drag down the page and learn more.

After announcing higher financial assistance than the opposition BJP to all the women in the state on condition of reforming the government in the state, Chief Minister Bhupesh Bagel wished people Diwali. For the unversed, the first phase of assembly elections in 20 out of 90 assembly seats in Chhattisgarh was held on 7th November. The second phase of polling will take place on November 17. Stay tuned.

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