WATCH: Commercial Building In Kuchai Lama, 10 Vehicles Crushed

Nowadays, thousands of tragedies are spreading their feet all over the world and almost every time these catastrophes prove to be lethal enough. Something similar is again hitting the bricks ever since the bunch of disturbing pictures of roof collisions came out from Kuchai Lama. All such images are throwing terror as the entire area was shocked to become witness the tragedy that became the cause of multiple damages because 10 cars were market where the roof collided the last night. So in the information given below, you can explore further information along with some unknown facts.

Kuchai Lama Accident

Kuchai Lama Accident

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the roof collision incident occurred late at night on Wednesday, but fortunately, no one was there, and of which no casualties were reported. But the neighbors got frightened to hear the sound and therefore, first of all, they rushed to save their vehicles which had been damaged due to bricks and other heavy things therefore, as soon as they get the chance they side their vehicles so that, no further damage can take place because due to the bricks and wall pieces many cars have separated their parts like gates, mirror, and bonnets.

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Later, the witness made the call to the emergency services so that, they can reach there to manage the situation because the building was continuously leaving its part of the roof and thus, one of them recorded the video for evidence. Then the emergency services landed a lot along with the fire brigade and started investigating the building so that, if someone was stuck there then they can bring the person out. But fortunately, they did not get anyone there which was good, and therefore, later, they had to seize the area while prohibiting entry unless they wrap the things.

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The Kuchai lama accident is currently considered a nightmare by those who had faced it because at the late night spontaneously the building’s roof started breaking and fell hard on the ground so you can imagine how worst the sound was and how scary it was. Therefore, many have shared their experience while mentioning that zero risk does not exist because any tragedy or mishap can take place at any time anywhere while leaving the people in an atmosphere of terror. So you can get a bit deeper while seeing the images as they are getting bit on social media. Stay tuned with us and do follow Techballad.

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