Colonel Sanders is Now Playable in Street Fighter 6 for KFC lovers

Fans of Colonel Sanders and his famous KFC franchise can now play him in Street Fight 6’s newest character addition. Street Fighter 6, which was released on June 2nd, has already received critical acclaim and sold a staggering one million copies in the first five days of its release.

Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series, the game allows players to create their ideal character through an extensive quantity of customization options. And if you’ve always wanted to see the famous fried chicken entrepreneur Colonel Sanders combat in his iconic white outfit, you’re in luck.

As part of the World Tour mode, KFC has joined the battle against the iconic Colonel Sanders and his newly developed bulging biceps. You can obtain KFC’s creation and battle against Street Fighter’s classic characters with a Recipe Code.

Colonel Sanders in Street Fighter 6

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This promotion began on July 7 and will end on August 31, giving players who use The Colonel’s avatar and document their combos with him the opportunity to win a KFC gift card redeemable for actual food at participating Canadian outlets.

KFC Canada issued the following statement –

“Using the game’s complex editor, the brand and AOR Courage created a fight-ready version of The Colonel, complete with his iconic white hair, black-rimmed glasses, and identifiable goatee. Dressed in white and larger than life, Chef Colonel Sanders fits right in next to Street Fighter’s roster of characters.”

“Right now, every brand wants to get into the world of e-sports. With the introduction of Recipes to Street Fighter 6, we saw an opportunity to connect with gamers organically through our most iconic brand asset – and create a value exchange that’s authentic to the gameplay itself.”

Not for the first time has Colonel Sanders appeared in a video game. As part of a 2019 marketing campaign, an official dating sim starring a ‘hunky’ anime version of the KFC founder was released on Steam with the objective of romancing the monarch of fried chicken.

How to Play Street Fighter 6 With Colonel Sanders? To play Street Fighter 6 with Colonel Sanders, enter the KFC Recipe Code WFFCHCV5A. While the KFC gift card prizes are currently only available in Canada, UK players can still play the game as him.

Due to the game’s extensive character creation system, fans can create and share their own Recipe Codes so that other players can play with their own characters, not just those from official brands.