Chinese 22 officers, 7 officer cadets, 9 petty officers, 17 sailors Killed In Submarine Tragedy, China Dismisses Classified UK Defence Report

A shocking incident recently happened. In China total of 55 sailors were killed in the submarine tragedy. This case has happened recently. Now China has dismissed classified UK defense. It is reported that an undisclosed UK defence has reported and given some hints which is at a shocking incident involving a Chinese submarine which is 093-417 in the Yellow Sea. The news of this Chinese submarine is currently viral on social media. People are really shocked after they got to know about this news. This news is currently trending on Twitter (X). And people are asking and curious to learn everything. So read this article till the last to know everything.


Recently, an undisclosed United Kingdom defense report has hinted a a shocking incident that involves a Chinese submarine, 093-417 in the Yellow Sea. According to the reports it has been suggested that a total of 55 Chinese sailors have died which also includes a total of 21 officers and a captain. They all died because of the catastrophic failure in the vessel’s oxygen systems. Now China has not given any confirmation about this till now. This is a really horrific incident which has now also given a big shock to the families of the deceased people. Continue reading.

This entire incident led to a series of system failures which almost took six hours to resolve. At this time the ongoing board oxygen system malfunctioned and it poisoned the entire crew. Sources say that the submarine has run into the trap which is now meant to ensure the US and British submarine. China has not said anything which is now reported abstained as they have seen the international assistance. Royal Navy and the government of the UK have approached by the publication and have also declined to comment about this incident and they have kept their lips tight and haven’t said anything yet. Scroll down to the next paragraph.

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Oxygen generation and advanced CO2 absorption technologies are possessed by some other countries. This shocking incident indicated the Type 093 submarines which have been spanned 351 feet. And all these are among China’s modern. This has entered the service in the last 15 years. This is located on the coast of China Shandong Province. It has been officially confirmed that the rippling effects on the maritime strategies and international relations. The details of each and every deceased person in this China submarine incident have not been disclosed till now.

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