Chikkaballapur accident: 12 died, 1 injured in accident in Karnataka

A horrific accident has recently occurred in Chikkaballapur. Because of this accident in Karnataka Chikkaballapur, 12 people died and 1 person got injured. The news of this accident has been recently shared on Twitter (X). The close ones of those 12 deceased people are in a big shock. This news has sent shockwaves. The people who have got to know about this news are in a big shock right now. Also, the residents of Karnataka are in a big shock. It is a very serious case. Now read this article till the end to learn everything regarding this recent tragic accident. To know what the Karnataka government has said on this read this article till last.


According to the information provided by sources, a total of twelve people have lost their lives. One person has suffered from some serious injuries because of the accident. This accident occurred in Karnataka Chikkaballapur. This accident happened when in an SUV the 13 people were driving. Their car collided with a stationary tanker. They were traveling to Chikkaballapur from Bagepalli. At that time the driver collided with another stationary tanker because of that 12 people lost their lives and 1 us alive but suffered a lot of injuries. A total of four women who were present in this accident lost their lives.

The person who got injuries was immediately taken to the nearby hospital. This tragic accident happened on the outskirts of the district headquarters town of Chikkaballapur. This is one of the most horrific and tragic accidents that has occurred in recent days. This accident happened in October 2023. The identity of all the 13 people has not been revealed till now. It is not known whether all the 13 passengers were family members or they were friends. It is not known why the officials have not revealed the identity of deceased people and also the official has not revealed the identity of the injured person.

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On this horrific tragic accident, the government of Karnataka has not said anything till now. But some people on social media are saying that the government should take a look at this accident. Police officers are currently investigating this case. It has been said that there was not any CCTV camera available at the accident spot. The news of the death of 12 people has been informed to their close ones. More information regarding this accident will be going to be shared very soon.

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