Chef Vikas Khanna says, ‘Diwali has arrived a little early’ as Michelin Star awarded to 3 Indian chefs in US

The Michelin Star has been awarded to three Indian chefs in the United States. On this, the famous Chef Vikas Khanna has expressed his happened. He said that Diwali had arrived a little early this time. He has also said that these awards are an honor for Indian food and hospitality. It has been said that Michelin Star is the Oscar in the food industry. The winning of three Indian chefs is one of the biggest and greatest news in the world of Indian hospitality. Many chefs from the entire world congratulate the three Indian winners. To learn about those chefs, read this article completely.

Vikas Khanna

Recently, three Indian restaurants in the United States have been awarded the much-desired Michelin Star. Those three restaurants have been awarded for their exceptional food. Those three restaurants include Rania which is located in Washington, DC, and is run by Chef Chetan Shetty. The second restaurant is Semma which is located in New York City and is run by Chef Vijay Kumar, and the third restaurant is located in Chicago which is run by Chef Sujan Sarkar. This is a great honor for the restaurant owners as Michelin Star is considered the Oscar in the food industry.

The celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna is already the winner of Michelin Star. He has now expressed his happiness toward the three new winners of Michelin Star. Khanna said these awards are a big honor for Indian food and hospitality. Khanna has also compared the announcement of the early celebration. He has stated that Diwali has come some days earlier in the United States. This is a great milestone. Hats off to all the there three Indian Chefs who were awarded Michelin Stars on 9th November 2023, Thursday in New York. This is a great honor and this great honor for India and its hospitality. He has posted this statement on his official account on Twitter (X).

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According to the source, the three restaurants have mixed traditional Indian tastes with some new unique ideas. The first restaurant Rania has served some great and unique dishes like chaat which includes shiso leaves and beef ribs with saffron sauce. The second restaurant Seema offers some brilliant dishes like lobster which is known as the best dish from this restaurant. The third restaurant Indienne, this restaurant offers some classic dishes such as a twist on pain puri with passion fruit.

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