Check How Your NPS Investments Are Faring

In this article, we are going to tell you how can you check how your NPS investments are faring. NPS is linked with the market and it is defined as the contribution of a product that needs you to invest every day in the funds of your choice. Some retirement products help people accumulate a retirement nest egg. One of the products of the National Pension System (NPS). The market is linked and defined contribution product that needs people to invest every single day in the funds of their choice. The returns are currently based on the performance of the funds that people have chosen. Now read this article till you need to know every single thing about this topic. So now let us dive deep into this article to learn everything.


According to the source, there is a total of eight pension fund managers who choose from and also one of the ways of tracking the returns. Some of the breakdown of the performance of several funds like corporate bond funds, government bond funds, and equity funds of the private sector. Scroll down to learn more about this topic.

As we all know a lot of people have invested in NPS since the start of NPS means from 2004. NPS is just for the government. This year government has officially cancelled the old pension and also started the new pension system for their employees. NPS officially sent account statements to their customer in April 2023 after it end of the financial year. In the statement, people can see their fund performance. At the time of the financial year, customers who have invested in NPS are known to want to check their official NPS performance. BY check-in people can analyze their gain or loss. Continue reading to know how can you check NPS performance.

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To check the NPS performance you first need an NPS password. So if you do not have a password first generate an NPS password. Then check your NPS performance. First, go to the website and then open the login page of the NPS account. To log in to the NPS account enter your PRAN number as per user ID. The password and then the captcha code. Then enter the details and submit it. After logging in, you are gonna see the option of investment summary, click on the option and then select another option Transaction Statement. Then you are gonna see your name and PRAN account number. Then select financial year select All and select your account for which Tier 1 or Tier 2. Then in the last click on Generate Statement. Then your NPS performance page will open.

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