Character Trailer for Honkai Star Rail Bailu Displays the Dragon-Like Healer

The release of the Honkai Star Rail final closed beta coincided with the debut of a Bailu character trailer from HoYoVerse. The company’s practice of unveiling new Xianzhou Luofu recruits before each new round of testing continues. She will be a Lightning-type, five-star healer, although her exact role is still up in the air.

Quite a few aspects of Bailu are reminiscent of dragons. Seeing as she is a Vidyadhara explains why. The ship is home to a wide variety of races, including these. The Foxian Tingyun, for instance, is a businessman who sports fox ears and a tail. Her area of expertise as an alchemist is in the field of medicine. Official statements made mention of her use of candy to calm anxious patients.

Su Ling Chan, who voices her in English, appears in it. Emiri Kato provides her voice acting for the Japanese version. The first few minutes find her unwinding, but that doesn’t last. After being pursued by a crowd, she eventually resorts to using her lightning powers in an offensive capacity.

You can read some of the articles we linked to below in which we talk about the game’s trailer in further detail-

Check out the official trailer for the upcoming Chinese film Bailu below to learn more about the cast-

YouTube video

In the past few weeks, this is the fourth person with ties to the Xianzhou Luofu to be exposed. To begin, the business paraded the “navigator,” Fu Xuan. Then, the topics of Tingyun and Yanqing were brought up for debate.

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As of shortly, Honkai Star Rail can be played on desktop computers and mobile devices. Participants can now sign up in advance. You can now access the final closed beta version.

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