Centre, States To Informally Discuss Online Gaming Tax

Some time ago we all got to know about the gaming tax. This topic became a really serious topic as many gamers were not happy with his decision as there has been a very heavy tax on gaming right now. So by looking at this the Centre, states are now going to discuss online gaming tax. On 29th September 2023, the case of more than a dozen states which also includes the National Capital Territory of Punjab. Rajasthan, Delhi, and the legislative assemblies have now passed the amendments to the state GST laws. To know everything scan this entire article through your eyes now.


In New Deli, there is going to be a discussion on 7th September 2023, Saturday which is a GST Council meeting at the center which is currently inserted to check the new regime’s effect without any hassles. Reports show that there has been the implementation of a 28% goods and service tax (GST) on online gaming from now on. And not just on online gaming it is also applicable on the casinos and horse racing. So regarding this, there has been a discussion which has been set up for today. Scroll down to more about this discussion.

As per the talks, the current idea is to check how far states have put their legislative changes in place for the contentious tax regime change. Now it has dragged on for a lot of months before it divided GST Council stated the new regime in the official meeting which was held on 2nd August 2023. It has been stated that as of 29th September 2023, Saturday in the case of more than a dozen states which also includes the legislative assemblies, and the National Capital territory of Rajasthan, Delhi, and Punjab have till now not passed the amendments to the State GST laws. Keep reading.

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Currently, Goa has reviewed the decision and it has been stated that some changes are required. This discussion is going to be informal and has been given to the council which has now already approved tax regime changes. As per the experts, it has been said that there is some confusion for businesses with respect to the liability to collect the state GST component and this confusion has occurred because the states are making the required legislative changes in a staggered manner. And there is confusion regarding the valuation of the tax that is going to be levied.

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