Cancer campaigner Nicky Newman passes away aged 35

The well-known Cancer campaigner Nicky Newman died at the age of 35. Yes, this is the biggest shocking news of this time. This news was announced suddenly and this was totally unexpected as nobody had any doubt that she was not going to live anymore in this world. Her passing news has sent shockwaves to the Cancer Warriors community. She was a cancer patient but she fought it bravely and she used to motivate other cancer patients. Now she is no more in this world. Read this entire article to know everything about this death case.

Nicky Newman
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Nicky Newman was a Cancer campaigner. She was also a well-known Instagram influencer. Now she has passed away at the age of 35. She was followed by millions of followers. You can search her Instagram account as @Nicknacklou. The biggest shocking news is that she herself announced her death news on her official Instagram account. She wrote about her death on Instagram page and after her death, someone from her family posted the announcement. Her passing news has given a big shock to her loved ones. She was loved by many people as she was a very brave person. Continue reading.

Nicky Newman was suffering from Breast Cancer stage 4. She has been battling Breast Cancer for the past five and a half years. Her Breast Cancer became very serious as it was also spread on her bones. She used to encourage people to live a good and happy life. She used to support Cancer patients. She was such a brave person as even after dealing with a big disease still she used to motivate other Cancer patients. She was such a great soul that she has left a big impact on the people she has met even if she met someone for one. Keep reading till last.

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Nicky Newman’s death has left tears in the eyes of his close people. She shared her death news officially on her Instagram account. It really needs a lot of guts. In the announcement of her death, she wrote, if you are reading this it means she has died. She made it five and a half years though, not bad for a stage 2 breast cancer patient. She died just after ten days when she announced that she had stopped treatment. She will be missed forever. May her soul Rest in Peace.

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