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Recently, a piece of great news is going viral on the internet regarding BYD models cars. People are paying too much attention to this news. People are really interested in learning all the details of this car. It is being told that BYD is about to launch two of its models in India. After hearing this news, users are unable to stop and users want to know when BYD will launch its two-car model. BYD is going to launch which 2 models? If you want answers to the questions now, then stay with us till the article.

BYD Plug-in Hybrid Evs

As read above, BYD is going to launch two car models namely the BYD Seal and BYD Seagull. It is being told that both models are very great. And the users are also eagerly waiting for the two models. These two models are going to create waves as soon as they are launched in India. Because from now this model is doing so amazing without launch, then what will be the condition of the market after launch? Come let us know what such qualities can be seen in the model. Let’s see first that we will get to see the features of the BYD Seal car. In this, users get a great range of 700Km, 0-100kmph in just 3.8 seconds, Excellent aero drag coefficient which users get with 0.219Cd.

Now coming to the best features of byd Seagull, will the users get better quality features as seen in byd Seal? In Byd Seagull, you get to see a single electric motor that too with 55 kW and 135 Nm of torque. Which is completely unexpected for the users. That’s why users want to see both these cars from the front and want to use them as well. If you look at its main advantage, you get a strong R&D, strong financial performance, focus, and even innovation in it.

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As soon as both the cars are launched, these two cars can become a competition for all other car companies in India. The price of BYD Seal in Indian currency will cost you Rs. 55.00 Lakh – Rs. 60.00 Lakh. On the other hand, If we talk about the money for the Byd seagull, then it will cost you Rs. 10.00 Lakh will be required. The article concludes here with all of the pertinent material. For more breathtaking updates, follow Techballad.

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