Burnaby Police Incident Today: IHIT called to Burnaby to investigate homicide

This article will discuss a new shooting incident. IHIT has called Burnaby to Investigate the shooting case. A serious shooting incident happened a day ago in this shooting incident a man died. This incident happened on 16th September 2023, Saturday. This accident occurred after 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. By looking at this accident Officials have called Burnabu. Burnaby RCMP frontline officers have arrived at the location. This case is currently under investigation. This shooting incident happened in the area of North Road and Cameron Street. Currently, the news of this horrific incident is going viral online. This incident news has shattered the whole internet right now. Many people are shocked and the people who live near Cameron Street are in a big shock right now and they are scared. Now to know everything about this case read this article without missing anything.

Burnaby Police Incident Today
Image: CTV News Vancouver

Burnaby Police Incident Today

On 16th September 2023, Saturday in the area of North Road and Cameron Street a horrible incident occurred after 5:00 pm. Yesterday, suddenly a shooting incident occurred at the place. In the shooting incident, a man died. The dead body of the man was discovered at Parkade. Police officers arrived at the location and just after 15 minutes police got a report that in the area of Bainbridge Avenue and Greenwood Street, a vehicle had been set on fire. Continue reading.

According to Burnaby RCMPO frontline officers, this incident has been done by the same persons. It is not known who is behind these incidents. Reports say police have secured both the scenes. Both areas are under investigation. Police have reported that the shooting was targeted and there is no risk to the public as the suspect targeted a man it is not known why they killed the man. The identity of the deceased man has not been disclosed today. Keep reading.

After this incident, IHIT was informed. They are investigating this case. They have called Burnaby to help in investigating this case. This is a mysterious case as two incidents happened on the same day in between a gap of 15 minutes and both incidents happened near each location. Investigators are checking the CCTV footage between 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Homicide investigators are also looking for the investigators and they have requested that if anyone has any information about this case please immediately contact IHIT. It has been said that if anyone was in Brainbridge Avenue and Greenwood Street between 5 to 5:30 p.m. and if they know anything about this case please contact IHIT.