Brighton Robbery: 5 teen charged after aggravated burglary in Melbourne

It is quite shocking to hear that police arrested five teens in connection with a robbery incident that happened in Brighton. Reports have suggested that five teenagers were arrested for being allegedly involved in a burglary in Melbourne on Monday morning, September 18, 2023. The arrests of the five teenagers were made after the police responded to a robbery complaint in Brighton’s south-east shortly after 12 a.m. on Monday morning. Reportedly, at about 12:20 am police were at Brighton’s south-east where five teenagers allegedly broke into a house. Since this robbery incident happened in Melbourne’s Brighton people have been keenly following the updates of the investigation into this case. What are the charges against the arrested teenagers? To learn the answer to this question take a look below.

Brighton Robbery
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Five Teenagers Charged With Burglary

According to the reports shared by police, the teenagers who were arrested in connection with the robbery have been charged with aggravated burglary. They were arrested after they allegedly broke into a home. A resident of the house reportedly disturbed the teenagers. Reportedly, the teenagers were there to steal cars. According to the investigators, one of the cars at the house was a 2015 Mercedes Tourer. The suspects allegedly stole the car from the house that night. But police tracked the stolen 2015 Mercedes Tourer and arrested five people in connection with the robbery.

Who are the five people arrested in connection with Brighton robbery?

As mentioned, investigators tracked the stolen 2015 Mercedes Tourer in a pursuit. It was found in Yarraville Gardens where the robbers dumped it. Successfully, police recovered the car from the Yarraville Gardens where police also noticed five people running in different directions after jumping out of the car and climbing the fences into backyards and various properties. Victoria Police said, “Police tracked the car to Yarraville where it was dumped in Yarraville Gardens. Five people were seen running from the vehicle before they jumped fences into backyards and various properties.”

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Among the five arrested teenagers, four are Bendigo teenagers including three boys and a girl, and one is a Fawkner boy. The three teenage boys arrested and charged with aggravated burglary are 16 years of age while the girl is 17 years old. They have been charged with theft of a car. While the Fawkner 17-year-old boy is currently in custody he has appeared in a children’s court while the four other teenagers will appear in children’s court on a later date.

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