Blackberry Plans IPO For Its Internet Of Things Business

The biggest brand BlackBerry is now planning an IPO for its Internet of Things business. BlackBerry has now wrapped up the strategic review of the option to hold the plans as an initial public offering (IPO) for the interest of the Company of Things division. This news has been recently announced. This step by BlackBerry is really going to affect the market. Blackberry is one of the oldest brands in the technology world and such steps by big companies are really shocking. This news is currently making headlines in the world of business and technology. To know everything about this decision of BlackBerry read this entire article till the end.


According to the source, BlackBerry Pvt. Ltd. is planning to wrap up the option of strategic review and they have decided to hold an initial public offering for the entire company’s Internet of Things division. This has separated the business from the main cybersecurity operations. All this information has been shared by a Canadian-based company. The split is going to occur in the first half of another fiscal year. It has been reported that BlackBerry’s fiscal calendar is running from February 2023, Said the Canadian company. Canadian Company shared this news on 4th October 2023, Wednesday.

As per the reports, the board has now undertaken the review with their advisers Morgan Stanley and partners Perella Weinberg. They have concluded that the IPO was really one of the best options for the loT business. Currently, the Internet of Things market has clearly focused on the infusion capabilities in online mode and the sensor that is in cars, appliances, and regular items. Reports reveal that the investors have applauded the move and have ended the shares for more than 5% on 2nd October 2023, Wednesday in the late trading. The current market valuation of BlackBerry is currently approx $2.5 billion.

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As per the belief of the company, a single handily traded loT subsidiary is going to enable shareholders so that it can move to upgrade the performance of the BlackBerry principal business. The Waterloo, Ontario-based company has claimed that all this can happen just after allowing businesses to pursue their own district strategy and capital allocation policy. BlackBerry is the biggest brand and now it has turned security software provider. This news was announced in May 2023. It looks like the possible suitor for BlackBerry can be Veritas Capital. A private equity firm was trying to consider some bids for the BlackBerry in August.

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