Is Black Panther 3 Release Date Out?

Within the next three years, Black Panther 3 could see the return of director Ryan Coogler and star Letitia Wright, but when would that be?

On February 17, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the fifth phase of Marvel Studios’ production schedule, will premiere. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever concluded the fourth phase of the MCU’s theatrical release more than two months ago.

With over $840 million in worldwide box office receipts, Wakanda Forever has been a critical and financial triumph. It will now be released in China in February.

The most recent Black Panther episode won’t be as successful as 2018’s first solo film starring the late, great Chadwick Boseman, even with the Chinese afterburner release.

Black Panther is the sixth-highest-grossing domestic movie of all time, with earnings of close to $1.35 billion worldwide (recently eclipsed by Top Gun: Maverick). However, the two movies’ combined box office receipts of over $2 billion unquestionably justify the production of a third movie.

When will Black Panther 3 be released, and how will it fit into the MCU’s ongoing expansion?

Black Panther 3 Release Date

It’s quite unlikely that another Black Panther movie will come out before Avengers: Kang Dynasty. However, it would make sense for the threequel to release before Avengers: Secret Wars, which was postponed nearly seven months to May 1, 2026.

Black Panther 3
Black Panther 3

A third Black Panther movie would probably come out between those two movies on November 7 or February 13 of 2026. No projects are associated with these verified release dates for upcoming Marvel/Disney movies.

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It is more likely that Shuri/Black Panther will influence future Avengers efforts and that Captain America: New World Order will receive a sequel after Secret Wars.

The two release dates for Marvel movies after Secret Wars are now July 24 and November 6. Although Phase 6 is when these advertisements are supposed to air, it’s unlikely the Multiverse Saga won’t reach its climactic end by May of the same year.

Marvel Studios’ Phase 7 is anticipated to debut in late 2026 or early 2027, and it may be the next time viewers will see a standalone Black Panther adventure. A December release in 2026, 2027, or 2028 is improbable because Disney-distributed Star Wars and Avatar movies appear to be taking up those slots for the studio. However, a calendar prediction at this stage would amount to nothing more than supposition.

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When Is Black Panther 3 Coming Out?

It’s crucial to remember that there’s a remote possibility Ryan Coogler won’t continue the Black Panther franchise. Besides a rumored Wakanda Disney+ series, nothing is confirmed for the franchise’s future, even if it is improbable.

Black Panther 3
Black Panther 3

The production team might not be eager to do a third installment after the second movie’s turbulent production, which included the lead actor dying, COVID delays, and Letitia Wright suffering significant injuries.

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But Black Panther is a very well-liked character, mainly after T’Chala’s debut in Captain America: Civil War in 2016. Wakanda will someday make a comeback for a full-length movie and will continue to play a part in the larger MCU.

The Multiverse Saga’s current state and Marvel Studios’ planned schedule suggest that November 6, 2026, is the most likely date.

Coogler would have plenty of time until the MCU’s conclusion of its following Earth-threatening crisis to reflect and determine how he wants to wrap up his trilogy.

The streaming series set in Wakanda and keeping Shuri relevant in the forthcoming Avengers movies will make the four years between films fly by and may serve as an acceptable conclusion to Marvel’s second trilogy.

Currently playing in cinemas, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will debut on Disney+ at the start of February.

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