Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan slams Isha Malviya for her closeness with Abhishek Kumar

As we all know Big Boss 17 has officially started so in just its 1st week there are a lot of controversies and fights in the show. So by looking at this on this “Weekend ka Vaar”, the host of Big Boss 17, Salman Khan has slammed one of the contestants of this show Isha Malviya. He has slammed Isha for her closeness with Abhishek Kumar after she accused him of physical violence. On the Weekend ka, Vaar Salman Khan said to Isha “You Are Playing”. This statement by the host of this show was a big shock to the audience. Read this entire article to learn everything.

Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar

Today is the day where we are going to see the first Big Boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar. This time this show is studied by television and social media stars. This time this show is hosted by the famous Indian actor Salman Khan. He has been hosting this show for the past many seasons. He has already shot for the first Weekend ka Vaar of this season which is going to be telecasted today. People are now curious to watch today’s Weekend ka Vaar. People were awaiting Salman Khan’s reactions to the housemates on the first Weekend ka Vaar.

The makers of Big Boss 17 have released the promo of the first Weekend ka Vaar. In the promo, we saw that the host of this show Salman Khan is slaming the contestant Isha Malviya because of her double standards game. He said that he has a double standard as first she accused another contestant of the show, Abhishek Kumar of physical violence and after some time she started being close with him. Seeing that Salman Khan got angry and slammed her. Isha accused Abhishek on the premier episode of Big Boss 17 and now she is getting close to him. Continue reading to know more.

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Salman Khan said to Isha Malviya in Big Boss 17 first Weekend ka Vaar that first you were making allegations about Abhishek Kumar, You were saying that he was aggressive and abusive with you, that was a very serious allegation, Are you playing? On this, Isha replied to Salman Khan and said that she cannot completely detach him from herself as currently they are living in the same house. It has been reported that after that she also said that it was not easy to ignore someone if you are living in the same place 24/7. More information regarding this will be released after the official telecast of Big Boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar, which is happening today.

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