The Best Weapons To Use In GTA V

GTA V is simply one of the most popular games of all time, keeping thousands of players engaged to this day in its gameplay. Among the hundreds of things to do, using weapons to cause chaos, participating in chases and insane battles against other players are one of the players’ favorites. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best weapons in GTA V for you to do well in online shootouts.


AP Pistol

The AP Pistol is an exceptionally powerful and popular weapon in GTA V. It is a high-caliber automatic pistol designed to provide a rapid rate of fire and impressive accuracy. With its capacity of 18 rounds per clip, the AP Pistol offers a significant advantage in close-range combat.

The great differential of the AP Pistol is its incredible firepower. Its damage per shot is impressive and it can quickly eliminate enemies and vehicles in its path. In addition, the fast rate of fire allows you to control the battlefield with agility.

To obtain the AP Pistol in GTA V, players will need to shell out $5,000 at Ammu-Nation, the game’s weapon shop. However, it is important to point out that the availability and access to this weapon may vary according to the player’s progress in the story and missions, being available from level 33.

Overall, the AP Pistol is a reliable and highly efficient weapon, being one of the best weapons in GTA V, capable of wreaking havoc on your enemies and ensuring your survival in challenging confrontations.


The Up-N-Atomizer is a unique and fun weapon and one of the best weapons in GTA V. It is a futuristic device that shoots energy beams, capable of providing moments of chaos and fun in the game.

This extraordinary weapon allows players to fire blasts of energy that can send objects and even people flying through the air. It is possible to disintegrate cars, throw NPCs away or even create comical situations with the unpredictable physics of the game.

In addition to its destructive power, the Up-N-Atomizer can also be used strategically to disorient enemies during missions or to escape dangerous situations. Its creative use can open up new gameplay possibilities and provide moments of pure fun.

To obtain the Up-N-Atomizer in GTA V, players can purchase it for $399,000 from any Ammu-Nation once it’s unlocked in-game.

Mk II Heavy Revolver

The Mk II Heavy Revolver is a powerful and intimidating weapon that can be found in Grand Theft Auto V. It is an improved version of the standard revolver, with a more modern design and significant improvements in its effectiveness.

One of the most outstanding features of the Mk II Heavy Revolver is its high firepower. With a heavy caliber, each shot is capable of dealing considerable damage to enemies. In addition, its accuracy is remarkable, allowing players to accurately hit targets even at medium distances.

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An added advantage of this revolver is the customization option offered by the Mk II. Players can equip it with different accessories, such as suppressors and advanced scopes, to adapt it to their gameplay preferences.

It is important to note that, to obtain the Mk II Heavy Revolver, players must visit the Mobile Operations Center or Avenger weapons workshop. There, they can upgrade the standard revolver and turn it into the Mk II version.

Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun in GTA V is a formidable and indispensable weapon for close-range combat. Known for its destructive power, this shotgun is capable of making a significant impact on its targets. With its rugged design and lethal effectiveness, the Combat Shotgun is the perfect choice for taking on enemies at close range.

One of the main advantages of this weapon is its lead dispersion, which means it is extremely efficient at targeting multiple enemies in a single burst. Its damage output is exceptionally high, making it a fearsome option in close-quarters combat.

In addition, the Combat Shotgun is a versatile weapon, able to be used both on foot and onboard vehicles. Whether fending off an attack in a narrow alley or in the middle of an intense firefight, this weapon gives you a lethal advantage.

To obtain the Combat Shotgun in GTA V, players can purchase it from Ammu-Nation for $10,000 or find it in various locations across the game’s map. It is available from the start and is a highly recommended option for anyone looking for firepower and efficiency in close-quarters combat, as well as being one of the best weapons in GTA V for beginners.

Elite rifle

The Elite Rifle is one of the most powerful and coveted weapons in GTA V. It is a long-range sniper rifle that offers exceptional performance for precision shots. With its advanced telescopic sight and high firepower, the Elite Rifle is the perfect choice for long-range assassins.

This weapon is highly prized for its ability to take out targets with lethal precision. Its telescopic sight allows players to target enemies from a distance, granting a strategic advantage in long-range missions or sneak attacks.

The Elite Rifle also stands out for its ability to pierce armor and vehicles, making it especially effective against tougher targets. Additionally, its fast fire rate and 10-round magazine provide players with the ability to take out multiple targets in quick succession.

It is worth noting that access to the Elite Rifle can be limited and requires a certain level of progression in the game. You can usually purchase this weapon from Ammu-Nation for $15,750 or find it in specific locations during missions.

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Advanced Rifle

The Advanced Rifle is one of the most versatile and powerful weapons in GTA V. It is a highly accurate and high-caliber assault rifle capable of causing a great impact during combat. With its 30-round capacity per magazine, the Advanced Rifle offers an excellent rate of fire and reliable mid-range performance.

One of the most notable features of the Advanced Rifle is its accuracy. By carefully aiming, you can hit your targets extremely effectively, ensuring a high hit rate even in high-traffic situations. Additionally, the rifle has considerable range, allowing you to attack enemies at greater distances with confidence.

Another highlight of the Advanced Rifle is its recoil control. With minimal recoil and impressive stability, this weapon lets you keep steady aim even during prolonged firefights. This ensures constant accuracy and a greater likelihood of effectively eliminating your opponents.

To acquire the Advanced Rifle in GTA V, players can purchase it for $14,250 from Ammu-Nation or find it during specific in-game missions. It is a popular weapon among players as it offers a combination of firepower, precision, and control, making it one of the best weapons in GTA V in both close quarters, medium and long-range combat.

Special Carbine

The Special Carbine is one of the most versatile and efficient weapons available in GTA V. It is an assault rifle with great accuracy, recoil control, and a balanced rate of fire. This weapon performs solidly in mid to long-range combat, making it a popular choice among gamers.

The Special Carbine stands out for its damage capability and range, allowing you to eliminate enemies with precision even at considerable distances. Its high ammo capacity, with a 30-round magazine, ensures you have enough firepower to deal with multiple opponents.

Furthermore, the Special Carbine is highly customizable, allowing you to add accessories such as telescopic sights, sound suppressors, and extended magazines to further improve its performance and adapt it to your gameplay preferences.

To acquire the Special Carbine in GTA V, spending $14,750 players will be able to purchase it at the Ammu-Nation weapons store. However, it is worth noting that this weapon may only become available after certain progress in the game’s story.

Combat Machine Gun Mk II

The Combat Machine Gun Mk II is a formidable weapon found throughout the world of GTA V. This enhanced version of the standard Combat Machine Gun offers a number of significant improvements, making it a powerful choice for players.

One of the main advantages of the Combat Machine Gun Mk II is its ability to customize. Players can add different attachments such as suppressors, advanced sights, and extended magazines to increase their accuracy, range, and ammo capacity. These customization options allow players to tailor the weapon to their preferences and play style.

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In addition, the Mk II Combat Machine Gun has a fast rate of fire, delivering an intense and devastating barrage of bullets. Its high ammo capacity is also a significant advantage during prolonged engagements.

However, it is important to mention that the Mk II Combat Machine Gun requires a considerable investment to acquire and upgrade.

Mk II Heavy Sniper Rifle

The Mk II Heavy Sniper Rifle is a formidable, high-powered weapon found in GTA V. Designed for sharpshooters and fans of long-range combat, this sniper rifle offers an advanced telescopic sight and impressive destructive capability.

Equipped with a long-range scope and silencer, the Mk II Heavy Sniper Rifle allows players to eliminate ranged targets with precision and stealth. Its fire rate is relatively slow, but each shot is extremely powerful, capable of neutralizing enemies with just one hit.

A unique feature of the Mk II Heavy Sniper Rifle is its customization. Players can modify this weapon in the Gunsmith, adding accessories like recoil compensators, advanced sights, and even explosive ammo, which further increase its effectiveness in combat situations.

The Mk II Heavy Sniper Rifle is a heavy weapon, limiting the player’s mobility while using it. Finding strategic positions and having accurate shooting skills are essential to maximize your lethal potential.

Electric cannon

The Railgun is a unique and powerful weapon available in GTA V. It is an experimental weapon that fires electrical projectiles, capable of causing devastating damage to enemies.

With the Railgun, players have the ability to electrocute their opponents, causing a wide area of ​​effect and leaving them vulnerable. Additionally, the electricity emitted from the cannon is capable of disabling vehicles, making them temporarily unusable.

A notable feature of the Railgun is its auto-reload capability, meaning players don’t have to worry about finding ammo for the weapon. This makes it even more convenient and effective during intense missions and enemy confrontations.

It is worth mentioning that the Railgun can only be obtained in certain special occasions in the game, such as in specific events or in certain missions. Its rarity and power make this weapon highly desired by players looking to dominate the world of GTA V.


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