Bari Weiss’s Surging News Startup Lures Readers Miffed at Media Coverage of Israel

Bari Weiss currently is one of the most trending women online. her name has sparked on social media because of her news startup. Recently she has realized something and she has expressed her feelings regarding her realization. She has surged news startup lures readers miffed at Media Coverage of Israel. Her news site is known as “Free Press”. This site was launched by the former New York Times opinion editor. Now the traffic and subscriptions have spiked at the time of the Israel and Hamas war. Now to know everything about this controversy and to know about Bari Weiss, read this entire article.

Bari Weiss

Bari Weiss’s Surging News Startup Lures Readers Miffed

Bari Weiss is a famous American journalist, editor, and writer. She was born on 25th March 1984 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. She was an op-ed and book review editor at The Wall Street Journal from 2013 to 2017. She was also the op-ed staff editor and writer at The New York Times from 2017 to 2020. Since 1st March 2021, she has been working as a regular columnist for the German daily newspaper Die Welt. She is the founder of the media company The Free Press and currently, she also hosts the podcast Honestly. She was born to Lou and Amy Wiss who is a former owner of Weisshouse which is a Pittsburgh company founded in 1943.

Recently, Bari Weiss realized that her news startup company, The Free Press was gaining a lot of attention with the coverage of the Israel and Hamas conflict when famous personalities started citing the work on the World Wide Web. The famous personality of the music world, Scooter Braun has recently shared a video of Free Pres which is about the hostages who were taken by Hamas. Another famous personality, the famous comedian Chelsea Handler has also shared an Instagram Free Press Voices From Gaza video which showcases a young woman from Gaza who is describing Hamas as a barrier that should be removed.

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The author of Cookbook, Jessica Seinfeld has also shared a post column by Bari Weiss regarding the antisemitism which is being followed by the starting of the Israel-Hamas war where Jessica also commented that “Bari got me straight about liberal America today.”  At this time Weiss has drawn attention for her leading role in the Twitter Files which is a complete series of releases regarding the content moderation politics of the social media platform Twitter (X). She has recently said that her news startup war coverage has helped make the site a major part of the readers’ media diet. She assumed that the readers of her site were recovering meals somewhere else and they were sort of the sriracha on the side. But now this is no longer the case.

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