Australians gluten free Tim Tams hitting shelves

Now many residents of Australia are excited over the gluten-free Tim Tams hitting shelves. Now the fans of the biscuit are buckling up to rush to their nearby local supermarket so that they can grab the packet of the recently released Arnott creation. People all over the world are not pretty excited because one of the most awaited and iconic Australian chocolate biscuits is going to be available now. As we all are noticing Arnott is now growing on a big scale slowly and slowly as it is creating gluten-free versions of its products which include Tiny Teddies, Mint Sicesm Choc Ripples, and Shortbread Cream. Now they have released a new variety of chocolate biscuits in the market. To know everything read this article till the end and do not miss anything if you want to know everything about Arnott.

gluten free Tim Tams

According to the source, finally, a gluten-free Tim Tam has been released in the market. Arnott has launched a gluten-free Tim Tam which is completely one of the best products for the public. For some pastime, Arnott was releasing gluten-free products such as Choc Ripples, Shortbread Cream, Tiny Teddies, and Mint Slices. And now Arnott has officially released gluten-free Tim Tam.

The new gluten-free Tim Tam is now available in the market. The pack of this biscuit is a pack of seven biscuits. The retail price of gluten-free Tim Tam is $5.50. If we compare the price of this biscuit with a regular biscuit which has 11 biscuits the price of a regular biscuit is $4.50. So the gluten-free Tim Tam is not cheap at all and the healthy biscuit is completely worth it. This is a product that has coeliacs which have been made with a lot of patience and because of this, some other gluten-free items in the supermarket have been shelved now.

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Arnott has always delivered the best product till now. It is believed that the quality of gluten-free biscuits should be better. The quality of taste should be focused. The gluten-free Tim Tam is made on a separate gluten-free line which has been made by using a combination of high-quality gluten-free ingredients because of that this Tim Tam is a little bit higher in price as compared to regular biscuits. The availability of this gluten-free biscuit is going to be available in the whole world from November 2023. For more information like this keep following techballad.

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