Ather Series 2 Gets Transparent Body Panels

As of now, Ather Energy has not launched its much-awaited model in its electric scooter lineup which is likely to be named Ather Series 2 but this model has been buzzing enormously among the riders. Therefore, innumerable people are eagerly taking over the internet and searching for its pre-launch images and specifications. Meanwhile, we did our best to gather functional details and features of Ather Series 2 which have been poured in this article. The highlighted point about Ather Series 2, it will be the first electric scooter to have transparent body panels all over. Yes, you heard it, Ather Series 2 may have transparent body panels. Let’s delve deep into the details and find out more details about it. Swipe down the page and read more information.

Ather Series 2

Some sources also said that Ather Series 2 may get proper transparent body panels. Tarun Mehta who is the Chief Executive Officer of Ather Energy CEO teased the same details of the upcoming electric scooter in a social media post. Ather Energy CEO wrote that the new upcoming scooter will have proper transparent panels. Therefore, people have been scrambling to the web regarding the visuals of Ather Series 2. The CEO of Ather Energy stated that the new scooter (Ather Series 2) will get proper transparent panels. Continue reading this article for more details.

Some thought Ather Series 2 would get transparent body panels like translucent ones but the CEO of Ather Energy took the reference of Series 1 scooter with translucent panels which was named as a Collector’s Edition. Talking about the hardware, motor, battery, and other important parts of the electric scooter, it is still not clear whether the Ather Series 2 will use the same parts as the current 450 electric scooter lineup is equipped with. For the unversed, the current electric scooter lineup of Ather Energy features the 450S, 450X (2.9 kWhj), and 450X (3.7 kWh).

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Talking about the price of Series 2, as of now, the company has not revealed the price of Series 2 but it is expected that the price of the new scooter will be higher than the older one. 450S would be on the S trim is the most affordable model in the brand’s portfolio while the 450X (3.7kWh) is the flagship offering. Speaking of the Series 1 Ather 450X, it was painted in translucent black with red color on the chassis. Ather could launch the Series 2 scooter very soon. Stay tuned to this website.

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