Astrotalk CEO Puneet Gupta Announces Rewards After India Wins World Cup

The well-known personality, Puneet Gupta is the main spotlight of this article. He is famous as he is the founder and CEO of Astrotalk. His name is currently trading on Twitter (X) and some other social media platforms. He has recently announced a very special award for their users. He has announced a proper promising wallet credit if India wins the final of ICC World Cup 2023. As we all know tomorrow is the day of the final match of World Cup 2023. India and Australia are going to face off against each other in the final match. So on this Puneet Gupta has announced the news of the biggest award. To learn about that award and to learn about this proper announcement, read this article till the last.

Puneet Gupta

This time the buzz of ICC World Cup 2023 is on another level. All the Indian people and Australian people are freaking excited for the final match. It will be very exciting to watch which team is going to win this match. The Indian cricket team and the Australian cricket team are all set to play against each other. The final match of World Cup 2023 is going to happen on 19th November 2023, Sunday. Regarding this match, Puneet Gupta has announced very big news.

Puneet Gupta is the founder and CEO of Astrotalk. He has recently made an announcement. He has officially announced a very special award for their users, a promising wallet credit it will only happen if the Indian cricket team wins the final match of the ICC World Cup 2023 against Australia tomorrow. He released a post on his official LinkedIn account, in which he said that the last time he saw the Indian cricket team win the World Cup was in 2011, at that time he was studying in college and he further claimed that it was the best day of his life. Continue reading.

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Puneet Gupta also said that he watched the match with all of his friends in the auditorium which is near the college where he used to study in Chandigarh. He said that at the time of the match he and his friend were tensed and they didn’t even sleep before the day of the match because of the excitement. But when India won the match he got goosebumps. So now he is pledging that if the team India wins the match tomorrow he is going to distribute Rs. 100 crores to their users in their wallets.

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