ASK Automotive’s IPO opens for subscription: GMP, review, Apply or not? other details

Breaking news: The ASK Automotive IPO opens today. The shares of ASK Automotive are available at the premium of Rs. 35 in the grey market. The company’s IPO has now hit the primary market on 7 November 2023. ASK Automotive has fixed the company’s Initial Public offering (IPO) price band at Rs. 268 to Rs. 282 per piece levels. The company aims to raise Rs. 834 crore via the issuance of 29,571,390 new shares. Now in this article, we are going to learn about the GMP, review, and some other details. We are also going to suggest whether should apply or not. So read this article till the end and do not miss anything.

ASK Automotive IPO

ASK Automotive’s IPO opens for subscription

The biggest breaking news is that the ASK Automotive IPO GMP has opened today. The shares of ASK Automotive are available at a premium of Rs. 35 in the official grey market today. The IPO of the company has now reached the primary market on 7th November 2023. It has been said by the official that the public issue is going to remain for bidding till 9th November 2023, Thursday. The ASK Automotive IPO price band has been officially fixed at Rs. 268 to Rs. 282 apiece levels. The company has a target to raise around Rs. 834 crore by the issuance of 29,571,390 complete fresh shares. Continue reading.

The ASK Automotive IPo has currently started trading in the grey market. As per the experts, the shares of the company are now available at the premium of Rs. 35 in the great market. This is a very shocking price. If we focus on the important details of the ASK Automotive IPO details so the company has fixed the issue price per equity share at Rs. 268 to Rs. 282. The IPO has opened on 7th November 2023 and it is going to remain open till 9th November 2023.

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According to the source, the bidder is going to apply for the IPO in lots and one lot compromises a total of 53 company shares. If we take a look at ASK Automotive’s IPO limit the retail investors are required for a minimum of Rs. 14,946 so that they can apply for the public offer. The allotment date for the ASK Automotive IPO is 10th November 2023, Friday. The listing date of ASK Automotive IPO is 14th November 2023. If we suggest that you should apply or not for the subscription you should subscribe for the issue for the listing gains.

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