Asian Games 2023 3×3 basketball India schedule, results, scores and points table

In this article, we are going to look at the Asian Games 2023 3×3 basketball. Finally, Indian teams are now going to make their debut in the Asian Games 2023 3×3 basketball. This news is one of the biggest news in the world of Indian sports. This is the happiest news for all the fans of basketball in India. Playing in the 3×3 basketball is the dream of many players. This is the biggest opportunity. This year is very lucky for India as India has achieved many things in sports this year. And now this is also the biggest achievement that India is now all set to make its debut in 3×3 basketball. Read the entire article to learn about the schedule, results, and score.

Asian Games 2023
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Asian Games 2023 3×3 basketball

According to the information, 3×3 basketball is the biggest part of sports contested at the SEA Games 2023 in Cambodia. This event occurred on the 6th and 7th May 2023. It is reported that a total of 8 teams have participated in both men’s and women’s tournaments. Asian Games 2023 3×3 basketball made his entry in the Asian Games at Jakarta 2018. This game is based on the original version which includes ball-handling regulations and some basic violation rules. There is some structural difference in it as there is a 12-second shot clock and there world be a tweaked scoring system which is set apart from 5×5 traditional basketball. As we all know basketball was started in 1951 and since that time it has been the biggest game. Continue reading.

Indian Team Debut in Asian Games 2023 3×3 basketball

It has been confirmed that Indian men’s and women’s teams are now all set to make their debut in the Asian Games 2023 3×3 basketball which is going to happen in Hangzhou, the People’s Republic of China on 25th September 2023, Monday and on 1st October 2023. Keep reading.

3×3 basketball: India Official Debut

The Indian men’s 3×3 basketball team is ranked at the 59th position in the world and 15th in Asia. This is the biggest achievement for India. It is reported that the Indian men’s team will feature in Group C alongside Malaysia is the world’s number 144 Macau. The Indian men’s 3×3  basketball team includes Sjein Mathew, Lokendra Singh, Amarendra Nayak, and Kanwar Gurbaz Singh Sandhu. The Indian women’s 3×3 basketball team includes Vaishnavi Yadav, Kavya Singla, Anumaria Chenganamattahil Shanju, and Siya Deodhar. The matches of Indian men’s 3×3 basketball are scheduled from 25th September 2023. The match is against Malaysia. The second match is on 27th September against Macau and the third match is scheduled for 29th September against China. We look at the Indian women’s 3×3 basketball schedules so the first match is scheduled on 25th September 2023 against Uzbekistan and the second match is scheduled on 27th September against People’s Republic of China.

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