Apple rolls out iOS 17.1 Beta 3 update: everything new and fixed

Here is an important update for all iPhone users Apple has launched the iOS 17.1 Beta 3. It came only after a week when the company launched iOS 17.1 Beta 2. Yes, you heard it right, back-to-back Beta versions of iOS 17.1 version have been launched in a span of one week. Since Apple rolled out its iOS 17.1 Beta 2, users have been relentlessly taking over the internet and social media platforms especially X, to learn what enhancement the developers have done in this version but back-to-back Beta versions of iOS 17.1 have completely left the users perplexed and curious as well. If you are also scrambling to the web regarding the same, this article will let you know everything about it. Keep reading this article for more details.


Apple Rolls Out iOS 17.1 Beta 3

Do you know who is eligible for the iOS 17.1 Beta 3 version? However, not all users are eligible to use iOS 17.1 Beta 3, there are only a few selected users or members of Apple’s Developer program who qualify for beta updates. To get a stable version, users have to wait for some time. Talking about the expected roll-out date of iOS 17.1 Beta 3, it is said that the new developer program of Apple will be completely rolled out by the end of October across the world. You might be getting curious to know what the features and enhanced programs added in iOS 17.1 Beta 3. If yes, keenly read the next section. Scroll down.

Features of iOS 17.1 Beta 3 version

It was almost certain that the developers would enhance the Action Button in iOS 17.1 Beta 3 to prevent unintended activation when the device is in a pocket or not in use. The other enhancement added to this feature is a Wallet app that got an important fix. Reportedly, a new feature also has been added to iOS 17.1 Beta 3 so that the complaints of the users can be resolved. Reportedly, this version will halt certain actions from unintentional activation.

Specifically, the Flashlight, Camera, Focus, Magnifier, and Voice Memo functions can not be activated via the Action Button when the iPhone is not in an open or accessible position. This enhancement has been made to halt unintentional battery drain due to inadvertent button presses. The Action Button will need to be pressed long. Kindly note that other functions like mute and shortcuts can still be activated within the pocket. iOS 17.1 Beta 3 mainly prevents actions initiated from the Action Button. Stay tuned to this website.

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