Is It True That Apex Legends Will Support 120 Fps On Next-gen Consoles!

One of the longest-running Apex Legends community demands has been for 120 FPS support in-game on current-generation consoles. X|S Xbox and PS5 consoles are included. Many Apex Legends fans have been wondering when EA and Respawn Entertainment, developers of the wildly successful first-person shooter, will add support for higher refresh rates, now that Sony and Microsoft have begun to include it in newer games.

The console community would benefit greatly from the option to enable 120 frames per second (120-hertz refresh rate). They currently have a disadvantage while competing with PC players due to being limited to 60 FPS.

Users of personal computers can boost their frames per second (FPS) by increasing the refresh rate to a value as high as their hardware will allow. In principle, a PC gamer with a high-end system and a monitor capable of a 240 Hz refresh rate can achieve 240 frames per second (FPS) during gameplay.

Conversely, console gamers are not limited to a subpar display. However, because Apex Legends has fixed consoles at 60 FPS, a high refresh rate monitor is useless.

There has been no definitive word on whether or not 120 FPS will be supported in the future on current-gen consoles from either EA or Respawn Entertainment as of this writing. Many users expected 120 FPS support with the March 2022 release of “next-gen upgrades.” However, the 120 FPS frame rate was not included in that upgrade, only 4k resolution.

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After that patch, Respawn Entertainment promised that 120 FPS would be added in “future releases.” In the meantime, console players are left in a state of uncertainty. There was most recently an update in 2022.

It appears that players of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will be able to increase their frame rate in Apex Legends to 120. There is currently no timeline for this to occur. By year’s end, hopefully, we’ll have seen an update from Respawn. All console players will be forced to stay at 60 FPS till then.

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