Apex Legends May Get a Long-Awaited Feature Soon

According to data mined information discovered within the game files, Respawn Entertainment may be planning to implement cross-progression in Apex Legends. While Season 17 of Apex Legends has added a lot of exciting content to the battle royale, including a new Legend called Ballistic, the addition of cross-progression would undoubtedly be the biggest news to impact the game in quite some time.

Players have desired Respawm Entertainment to add cross-progression to the game for years. Since 2020, multiple members of the development team have weighed in on the possibility of implementing the much-requested feature.

In fact, one developer predicted that cross-progression would arrive in Apex Legends in 2022, which ultimately did not occur. Instead, its release date has remained ambiguous, leaving some fans to wonder if it will ever be made available. Fortunately, new details may indicate that anxious fans may soon be able to enjoy the anticipated release.

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Apex Legends

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Following the release of the Dressed to Kill update, new evidence has emerged indicating that the release of cross-progression for Apex Legends may be imminent. This information originates from reputable dataminers AG240 and KralRindo, who discovered relevant game files.

Specifically, these files contained what KralRindo termed “cross progression checks,” which were added to the user interface, and they included a screenshot of multiple lines of code as evidence. AG420 also shared the lines –

Since sharing their findings on Twitter, numerous Apex Legends players have taken notice. Both data miners tweets have received hundreds of likes, and numerous players have commented on the possibility of the feature becoming available. Several individuals expressed their excitement at the prospect of using skins and other enhancements from one platform to another.

As evidenced by the response to these tweets, adding cross-progression to Apex Legends is undoubtedly a thrilling prospect for a large number of players. Since the release of Apex Legends at the start of 2019, many players have created multiple accounts on multiple platforms.

In principle, the implementation of cross-progression would allow these players to transfer their accounts between platforms. In addition, this would enable players to play the game on multiple platforms without fretting about their progress being lost.

It is important to note that Respawn Entertainment has not officially announced when the game will receive cross-progression. Even though the discovery of game files related to the feature is an encouraging indicator, its release date remains unknown until the developer provides an update. Those eager to use cross-progression in Apex Legends can only hope that a developer announcement regarding cross-progression will be forthcoming.