ANU stabbing Incident: 3 injured after incident on campus, Fellows Oval Anu

Shock waves blew from the Australian National University on Monday, September 18, 2023, when a stabbing incident took place there. According to the documents provided by the police officers, three people were left injured in this stabbing incident. Thankfully, no casualty occurred in this stabbing incident but police have said that one victim is in critical condition. Since people heard that the stabbing happened at ANU, they have been harrowed and stunned. Meanwhile, many questions remained unanswered about the ANU incident. Thus, we have come up with this column after collecting the latest updates on the ANU stabbing incident. However, some imperative questions are still unanswered. Fetch more information in the following sections.

Anu Incident Today
(ABC News: Emmy Groves)

ANU Stabbing Incident Left One Critically Injured

Sources have reported that three people were taken to hospital after the stabbing incident happened at ANU in Canberra, on Monday, September 18, 2023. Two victims were female students of the university. One of the two female students is critically injured with stabbing injuries. The police responded with the emergency services at the campus on Monday afternoon at around 2:45 p.m. after receiving calls about a stabbing incident at ANU. Find more details about this stabbing incident in the next section.

Upon responding to the scene, the officers of ACT Police discovered three people injured with stabbing wounds, one was allegedly assaulted, and two others with stabbing injuries. The police report further revealed that two female students of ANU are 20 years of age. They have been taken to the hospital. Talking about the condition of female students, one is in stable condition while the other is still critical. The third person who was found injured on the campus is a man. He is a 34-year-old man found with alleged assault wounds.

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Suspect Arrested In ANU Incident Today

The initial report stated that a total of three people were hospitalized after the incident, including two females and one male. The ACT Police Department confirmed that the man sustained only minor injuries and he did not require further treatment. A suspect has been taken into custody after the incident. The suspect is said to be a 24-year-old man. More about him, the suspect is not supposed to be a student of Australian National University. As of now, police have not charged him. However, the investigators are still working relentlessly to gather more information about this stabbing incident. Anyone with any reliable information about the incident is asked to contact the crime stoppers or ACT Police.

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