Antonio Mascione Age: How Old Is Luisa Fantasia Husband?

Today, in this article, we are going to learn about the husband of Luisa Fantasia, Antonio Mascione. You might know who is Luisa. So she is a woman who was brutally murdered in 1975. Her death case was horrifying as she died because of her husband. In this article, we are going to learn about her husband as just because of his some people took revenge by killing Luisa. We are going to share every single piece of information about this case. And we are also going to learn about Antonio. And we are also going to check if is he alive right now and if he is alive so where is he right now. So to know everything about this case without missing anything read this article till the end of the last line.

Antonio Mascione

Antonio Mascione Husband of Luis Fantasia

Antonio Mascione is an Italian carabinieri. He was born with a strong sense of duty and a commitment to supporting the law. He was born in Italy. He served for his country for many years. He is alive right now and he is living his life but it is not known where is he residing right now. even his current has not been discovered.

Antonio Mascione’s Early Life and Involvement in Drug Trafficking

Antonio Mascione joined Carabinieri which is a national paramilitary police force. He was involved in a drug trafficking case in the 1970s when Italy was facing trouble with the Red Brigades and there were many organized crimes occurring at that time Antonio was involved in the fight with those criminal elements. Antonio Mascione was a brigadier in the operational department in the provincial command of Milan. he started a deep investigation. He performed his duty very well. He was committed to justice but because of his duty, his wife was left in a big danger. His wife name was Luisa Fantasia. She became the victim of the criminals. Criminals killed Luica on 14th June 1975. They killed her in her residence that day in a term of taking revenge on Antonio as he was involved in exposing the drug trafficking network. This was one of the most horrific cases we have ever seen.

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Luisa Fantasia Death

When Antonio Mascione was trying to expose the drug trafficking network the people who were connected to drug trafficking crime took revenge on Antonio. Criminals murdered the wife of Carabinieri. They killed Luisa Fantasia at her house on 14 June 1975. At the time of her murder at her home, the daughter of the couple was also present whose name is Cinzia. She was the witness in this case. And Anotnio never received justice but he didn’t get scared. He fought against the criminals even after the murder of his wife. A big salute to him.

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