Amazing Race Canada 2023 Winner: Who Wins Amazing Race Canada 2023?

Recently the semi-final of Amazing Race Canada season 9 was aired. As the show is heading toward its finale episode, the trend of speculating the winner and spoilers has started. Netizens are seemingly very anticipating the name of the winner of Amazing Race Canada 2023. Who wins Amazing Race Canada 2023? If this question is also swirling in your mind, here we have come up with some vital information about  Amazing Race Canada and early spoilers. But you are only required to go through this column till the end. The fans of Amazing Race Canada just recently watched the semi-final episode on CTV, the CTV app, and Since then they are in a frenzy to know who wins Amazing Race Canada 2023.

Amazing Race Canada 2023
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Who Won Amazing Race Canada 9 Semi-Finals?

There were four teams who competed in the semi-finals of Amazing Race Canada. However, all four teams struggled with a challenge when they were tasked to memorize and recite lines in an alien language. If you have watched the semi-finale episode of the show then you would be able to make sense of “MIM-SEE-SAW BEE DEE JUB JUB GLOCKI ZAK NUM.” It was quickly recited by the racers who remained grounded to speak. Then it was on to the steamy streets of Toronto where it was known which teams had the right ingredients, both figuratively and literally. One team remained hungry while three teams advanced to the final.

After the difficult alien language challenge, the four semi-finalists were asked to find five ingredients at five locations (all different). The teams were only provided with general directions no specific store names were given to them. The alien-language task was quickest completed by Deven and Amanda in the sixth attempt followed by Ty and Kat in the seventh attempt. Ben and Anwar completed the task on the 10th attempt while Tyler and Kayleen were the last to complete the alien-language task. They finished it on the 14th attempt.

While finding the five ingredients at five different locations, some teams went out the window while others decided to be selective with the information. Eventually, Kayleen and Tyler managed to arrive at Sunnyside Beach to enter the final which will take place next week. The other teams who were through to the finale are Ben and Anwar, and Ty and Kat. The remaining team (Deven and Amanda) was the last to arrive in the last. Deven and Amanda are a couple from Gesgapegiag, Que.

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