Is Alyssa Farah Griffin Pregnant? Baby Bump and Weight Gain

Alyssa Farah Griffin’s pregnancy is the topic that has made everyone curious about it on social media. Therefore, plenty of people are taking over their social media handles to speak about Alyssa Farah Griffin’s pregnancy rumors. Is Alyssa Farah Griffin pregnant? This question is swirling the most at this time about Alyssa Farah Griffin. To cater to the queries of our readers, we did a blue study to find out if the ongoing rumors about Alyssa Farah Griffin are actually correct and legible. As Alyssa Farah Griffin’s pregnancy rumors are buzzing enormously leaving her fans and followers perplexed about her pregnancy, we have concluded the recently surfaced rumors in the following sections.

Alyssa Farah Griffin

Who Is Alyssa Farah Griffin?

She is one of the well-known political strategists and television personalities from the United States. Notably, Alyssa Farah Griffin also worked as a political commentator for CNN. Not only that, but the political strategist also hosts a daytime talk show titled “The View”. She joined the show in its 26th season. Not to mention, Alyssa Farah Griffin was the White House Director of Strategic Communications and she served as Assistant to the President during the presidency of Donald Trump in 2020. She often makes headlines because of her profession but nowadays she has been news headlines because of her pregnancy rumors. 

Alyssa Farah Griffin Is Pregnant or Not?

Rumors circling on the internet claiming that the renowned political commentator and strategist Alyssa Farah Griffin is pregnant. But there is no actual report or statement from her that claims the same. The pregnancy rumors are seemingly incorrect. Therefore, we conclude that Alyssa Farah Griffin is not pregnant and the rumors are baseless. But many are wondering what sparked her pregnancy rumors. When we investigated the matter, we learned that all of it became sorts of speculations from Alyssa Farah Griffin’s show The View.

The viewers of The View were left surprised when Whoopi Goldberg and Alyssa Farah Griffin were discussing Utah Senator Mitt Romney’s decision not to run for re-election for the Republican Party. A few minutes later, Whoopi held on and asked Alyssa Farah Griffin “Are you pregnant?”. Meanwhile, Alyssa first laughed after hearing this from Whoopi and replied negatively. She said, “No, Oh! my God! You can’t say that while my mother-in-law is here! She’s been dying for me to get pregnant” However, Alyssa said she is thinking of expanding her family with her husband.