Air Strike On Gaza Hospital Canceled Biden’s Meeting With Palestine’s Authority

Amid the escalating war between Hamas and Israel, the Israeli army launched a missile attack on a Gaza hospital killing innocent Philistinians. According to the reports, the Gaza Hospital Tragedy’s death toll was over 500. Hundreds of people mostly children and women were killed in the Gaza Hospital attack. The air strike on Gaza Hospital has caused Israel to face huge criticism from all around the world. Countries like Iran and other Arab nations have been supporting Palestine in its conflict with Israel, and have warned for the further expansion of the war in the Middle East. Nevertheless, a high-level meeting in which US President Joe Biden and Palestine’s Prime Minister were supposed to meet, was also canceled due to Gaza Hospital Tragedy. You should go through this article till the end for more details. Swipe down.

Air Strike On Gaza

Earlier the US Secretary and the White House confirmed that President Joe Biden will travel to Jordan where he will separately meet with Israeli leaders and Arab authorities including the Palestinian President. The motive of the meeting was to contain the ongoing war between the two nations and help the civilians in Gaza.

But the high-level meeting has now been canceled. It seems that Israel does not want to slow down its military operations in Gaza. Such is the outrage on the Arab Street that no regional leader can afford to be seen negotiating today with Israel’s most important ally. European lawmakers have avoided attributing blame while condemning the attack. Saudi Arabia and Egypt immediately blamed Israel for the Gaza Hospital tragedy. Now Israel has been accused of conducting an intense aerial bombing campaign with just the kind of heavy munitions that could destroy a hospital and cause a massacre. At this point in time, nothing much more can be said with certainty.

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It can be said that the air strike on Gaza Hospital has escalated the conflict more and the margin of caution has been shrunk. Across the world, states are stepping in to support either side. It is also anticipated that more such tragedies can take place in Palestine. The IDF released a video of a misfired rocket launch from within Gaza that it says was recorded at precisely the time the hospital was attacked; before-and-after satellite pictures of the Gaza hospital show no signs of the cratering a heavy aerial bomb would cause.

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