Agritech Firm N-Drip Secures $44M In Series C-Round

Agritech firm N-Drip has made headlines with the recent announcement of securing $44 million in a Series C funding round. This funding round may even be extended due to high demand from investors. Notable investors in this round include Liechtenstein Group, Hamilton Lane, and Natural Ventures, as well as investors from previous funding rounds such as Granot Group, Bridges Israel, Kibbutz Ein Harod Ihud, and a group of US-based investors.


N-Drip has developed a groundbreaking technology that allows farmers to irrigate their fields more efficiently. With a variety of patents around the world, this agritech firm has pioneered a system that uses gravity without the need for external energy to filter or propel water across the field. The low-cost, easy-to-install, and easy-to-maintain system was invented by Professor Uri Shani, Israel’s former Water Commissioner, who also serves as the company’s Chairman and Chief Technology Officer.

Currently operating in 17 countries, N-Drip, under the leadership of CEO Eran Pollak, has a special focus on the United States, India, and Australia. In addition to their irrigation system, N-Drip has developed N-Drip Connect, a sensor-based decision-support solution that provides real-time recommendations for irrigation and fertilizer application. This technology not only maximizes water and nutrient usage but also offers accurate predictions on harvest size up to six weeks in advance.

The impact of N-Drip’s technology on flood-irrigated fields, which make up 85 percent of all irrigated fields globally, cannot be understated. Flood irrigation is known for its highly inefficient water use, soil depletion, and the emission of harmful greenhouse gases such as methane. By switching to N-Drip’s system, farmers have achieved remarkable results, including 50 percent water savings, yield increases of up to 33 percent, and significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

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This recent funding round has brought new partnerships for N-Drip. The Liechtenstein Group, a strategic holding company owned by the Foundation Prince Liechtenstein, sees immense potential in N-Drip’s technology and has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement for the marketing of N-Drip’s technologies in rice fields in the US, India, and other regions. RiceTec, one of the largest producers of hybrid rice seeds, is already working on projects with N-Drip on their own rice fields.

Overall, N-Drip’s growth has been remarkable, with a 7x increase in 2022 and a projected 3x percent growth for the current year. N-Drip’s transformative technologies are a game-changer for farmers, governments, water utilities, and industries alike. N-Drip’s success in securing $44 million in Series C funding is a testament to the immense value placed on its innovative irrigation technology.

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