Afghanistan Embassy In New Delhi Blames India For Its Shutdown

As we all know the embassy of Afghanistan which is based in New Delhi is now closed. They have now stopped their operations. And now the Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi has blamed India for its shutdown. India is currently facing a lot of allegations right now such as from Canada, as they have blamed India for the connection behind the killing of the Khalistani terrorist. And Pakistan has now also blamed India for the connection behind the suicide blast in Balochistan. And now the New Delhi embassy of Afghanistan has also blamed India and they have claimed that because of India Afghanistan embassy has shut down.

Afghanistan Embassy

The Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi has shut down its operation from 1st October 2023, Sunday. They have officially announced this and they have also given the reason behind the shutdown. They have officially claimed that they have closed the embassy in New Delhi, India because of India. They have claimed that they were receiving a lack of support from India. And they also said that in India there was a reduction in personnel and resources. They haven’t met their expectation and because of that, they have closed their operations now. Continue reading in the next paragraph.

The decision of the closing Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi, India has been made by the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to India, H.E Farid Mamundzay. They faced complete failure and they didn’t meet their expectation in serving Afghanistan’s interest in some other crucial factors because of that they took the decision to shut down the embassy. The embassy has given an official statement in which they have claimed that with deep regret, they have taken a big decision as they are now going to close the operations of the mission with the expectation of emergency consular services to Afghan citizens which were used to transfer of the custodial authority for the mission of the host country. Keep reading.

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The embassy also said that this decision has been made with deep regret and taking into account the historic ties and long. On Twitter (X), they also shared the reason behind shutting down the embassy in which they listed the key factors in which they claimed that India is the only reason for shutting down the Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi. Some people said that the absence of a legitimate government is the reason for the lack of resources in the embassy now India. Stop blaming India.

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