Adumo turns to Android to enhance payment devices

Adumo, a leading African fintech company, has recognized the immense benefits of incorporating Android, a widely used open-source operating system, into their payment devices. With Android powering approximately 70 percent of mobile devices globally, Adumo is eager to tap into the vast capabilities and flexibility of this operating system to enhance its clients’ payment experiences and provide unparalleled value.

By underpinning their payment devices with the Android operating system, Adumo gains access to a multitude of advantages. Chief Technology Officer Vaughan Alexander states that the Android OS allows for the easy addition and integration of new applications, enabling a seamless experience for both merchants and customers. This means that in addition to the payment applications provided by Adumo, merchants can deploy various other applications such as point-of-sale and inventory management tools. Adumo leverages years of Google technological research and design to offer their clients personalized functionality that exceeds what they are accustomed to on their personal Android-based mobile handsets.Adumo turns to Android to enhance payment devices

One significant improvement that comes with this integration is the ability to support other payment devices effectively. Adumo can utilize remote diagnostic capabilities and remotely download new software to enhance device performance and functionality. Moreover, the Android operating system allows for remote training of customers, simplifying the onboarding process. The integration of geo-location capabilities also ensures device security, enabling Adumo to disable devices operating from unauthorized locations, providing an additional layer of protection.

To ensure a seamless and secure Android-based solution, Adumo relies on a “best-of-breed” application marketplace and device management system. The devices have undergone penetration testing, are PCI Council PTS-approved, and are EMV certified, guaranteeing their reliability and security. Additionally, the solution enhances reporting and analytics, giving valuable insights into merchant and customer behaviors during payment transactions.

The marketing opportunities presented by Android-based devices are another advantage that Adumo seeks to leverage. These devices offer multimedia capabilities and larger touch screens, making them ideal for marketing campaigns. Adumo, as an official reseller of PAX products, provides a range of Android devices that cater to all merchant use cases, ensuring that their clients have access to state-of-the-art payment solutions.

Adumo’s decision to incorporate the Android operating system into its payment devices is based on the numerous benefits it offers. With the ability to seamlessly integrate new applications, enhanced device support, and improved reporting and analytics, Adumo is poised to revolutionize the payment experience for its clients. By embracing Android and tapping into its multimedia capabilities for marketing opportunities, Adumo solidifies its position as a leader in the ever-evolving fintech industry.