Who was Aditi Bharadwaj? Telangana women committed suicide after live-in partner Mohd Ali dumped her

A shocking and distressing story came up from Telangana where a girl committed suicide after her Muslim boyfriend left her to marry another woman of the same religion. Yes, you heard it right, a young girl devastatingly took her own life after her boyfriend refused to marry her. Reportedly, the deceased was known as Aditi Bharadwaj. She was a 34-year-old IT Professional who was living in Hyderabad. Since this news broke out, a stir has occurred within the community as people have been outraged upon hearing the story of Aditi Bharadwaj. A widespread discussion over the death of Aditi Bharadwaj has sparked on social media where netizens. We suggest you go through the article and read the full story to know what happened with Aditi Bharadwaj. Swipe down.

Aditi Bharadwaj
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Aditi Bharadwaj from Hyderabad Commits Suicide After after live-in partner Mohd Ali dumped her

This incident is a matter of Hyderabad where Aditi Bharadwaj was residing and working as an IT professional. According to the reports, Aditi Bharadwaj and her boyfriend who is identified as Mohammad Ahmed Ali were living in a live-in relationship. After the shocking death of Aditi Bharadwaj, people have been outraged and demanding justice for Aditi. The woman who committed suicide was 34 years of age at the time of her death. She was in a physical relationship with Mohammad Ahmed Ali who is said to be a resident of Hyderabad.

Furthermore, Aditi and Ahmed were living in Attapur’s Happy Homes Fortune Apartments on the fifth floor. The shocking fact about the incident is boyfriend Muhammad Ahmed Ali compelled his girlfriend Aditi to embrace Islam and change her name to Aziya Fatima. Ahmed is accused of making fake promises to Aditi Bharadwaj to come into a relationship with her. The girl under the guise of a marriage promise, came into a physical relationship with Muhammad Ahmed Ali.

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Things became wrong when Aditi asked Muhammad to marry her but he left her. Reportedly, Muhammad dumped Aditi Bharadwaj in favor of another girl who is also Muslim. Muhammad’s cheating on her, left Aditi extremely disturbed which led her to plunge into a state of profound sadness and depression. In a shocking turn of events, Aditi Bharadwaj committed suicide on January 28, 2024. Nagaraju, Sub-Inspector of Attapur Police Station, on January 31 said, “Two days before her suicide, she went to the hospital for unspecified health concerns, and she discovered that her pregnancy had some medical complications.” Aditi’s brother filed a complaint against Muhammad Ahmed Ali.

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