Adani Vizhinjam port, will offer quick turnaround of vessels including Megamax container ships

On 15th October 2023, Sunday, a very heavy load of cargo carrier sailing from the East China Sea was unloaded at the Vizhinjam port. It is going to do more than just get set down on the site of the first gigantic cranes. It is also going to put India on the map of the biggest world container ships. It is located in the southernmost tip of India which is known as the Vizhinjam transshipment container port. The first kind of it is going to be inaugurated today. This is officially going to allow what entire India to grab the space of the international maritime trade which is dominated by China at this time. To learn everything about this read this article till the end without missing anything.


The first kind of Vizhinam transshipment container port is going to be inaugurated in India on 15th October 2023, Sunday. Because of this now India can take a huge slice of the international maritime trade. At this time it is dominated by China. According to the source, it is also going to support the aspiration which is to be an alternative manufacturing hub as it is going to reduce to cost of the cargo that is coming to and from the country. Scroll down to learn more.

As per the experts, the new terminal is going to the another feather in the cap of the Gautam Adani conglomerate which in January 2023 faced a critical short seller that alleged corporate malfeasance. At that time the Adani Group officially denied the charges. Adani Group denied this allegation with a clear dominance that already spans the sports, airports, mines, and power utilities. Also the Vizhinjam is going to cement the billionaire status known as the Indian infrastructure king. Continue reading to know more about this.

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Transshipment means transferring the cargo from the original ship to another bigger ship at the port which is on the way to the cargo’s final destination. It has been reported that the proximity of international shipping routes can account for a total of 30% of the global cargo traffic and also the natural channel which is now going up to 24 meters below the sea makes the Vizhinjam which is an ideal hub for some amou not of the world biggest ships to call in. This is gonna happen till the largest container ships are skipping India for the harbors which are not deep enough so they can handle the vessels and dock the neighboring ports like Singapore, Dubai, and Columbia.

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